Demonology Series: The Serpents Part 3- Trythladon

In continuing on with serpents after Demonology Series: The Serpents Part 2- Python, we look at Trythladon. This is the third part in our serpent section. The first in this section was Demonology Series: The Serpents, Part 1-Leviathan  and the last one will be over the Kundalini spirit.

I had absolutely never heard of trythladon until I was in heavy duty spiritual warfare deliverance. Even in regular deliverance, I had not come across this demon to my knowledge. When I began working with those who have escaped the occult, especially Satanism, I came into contact with this spirit for the first time. For those of you that aren't familiar with working in occult deliverance, for the most part there is no keeping a demon silent in this type of deliverance. When you begin to cast a demon out of someone that has been in heavy Satanism and has literally done sacrifices to beg these demons to come in and give them more witchcraft powers, these demons fully manifest and take over. they yell, hit, kick, punch, choke, and many other things, but being silent is not one of them. While doing this type of deliverance, I asked the Lord to expose the spirit responsible for not allowing this person to read their Bible. The demon manifested and it began cussing me. I asked the demon who it was and it proudly announced "I am trythladon and you will not get rid of me." Of course my response was in Jesus name trythladon leave her now. After much fighting for about 15 minutes, it surely left as they always do. God is so Good!

This is what I have learned about this spirit since then. Trythladon is kin to python. The ones I have seen in the spirit realm have 3 heads on the body of a snake. It wraps around the person's mind and manipulates it in many ways. During deliverance , bible study, worship, praise, or any other activity it doesn't like it will begin to try and put the host to sleep. If it isn't successful there, it may cause eyesight problems and even hallucinations such as the words jumbling on the page when trying to read the Bible. Trythladon is also known to make the person very nauseous when deliverance is imminent or occurring, even if he isn't the one being cast out. Trythladon can affect breathing, cause headaches, back pain, stomach cramps, disorientation, confusion, hallucinations, division, dissension, and can be mistaken for a religious spirit as well. He convinces people of false doctrine and keeps them angry at anyone that may say otherwise. His goal is, like python, to smother anything he can, but his favorite thing to smother is a believer's walk with God. Though I have not confirmed this yet, I suspect this spirit may also be associated with bad memory, forgetfulness or full memory loss.

This demon is arrogant, hot tempered and quick to bite... literally. Trythladon is very good at hiding and leading a minister or person to believe it is another spirit responsible for the problems. This way you never cast out the right spirit by name and he gets to stay. I believe this is why there is so little known about him and many have not heard of him other than those in the satanic world inviting this demon in on purpose. This demon is very resilient. When getting rid of trythladon, be very certain all the roots are gotten and any open doors he got in or can get back in are closed. He will be back with a vengeance if there is an opportunity for him to do so. If he bites during deliverance the person may become dizzy, confused, or disoriented. I simply pray that the Lord remove any poison this demon has left behind and send healing light and fire through their body. I find it helpful to ask the Lord to command angels to bind his mouth shut and remove his fangs at the beginning of deliverance while I am praying for protection, forbidding retaliation, and cutting communication lines of the enemy.

Though we have had many run ins with this demon now, we have not had enough to give a definite tell tale sign of his presence since he imitates other spirits so well. if python or kundalini is present I suggest you look for trythladon. If there are any issues reading the Bible, worshiping, sitting through sermons, talking about the Lord, praising, etc. look for trythladon as a culprit. He may not be there, but better to let the Lord expose that rather than miss this nasty demon.


  1. so thankful for this needle in the barn, prayed and read so much and for such a long time, and now i read this, GLORY to God

  2. Wow so many demons do this including putting you to sleep which happened to me a few times

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