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We want to hear how Jesus has changed your life. Whether it be how you came to Christ, battles He fought with you, how he healed you or someone you know, or even how He keeps you going everyday. Whatever testimony you have for us to share send it to and we will get it published. Share your story. You never know, yours might be just the one someone needed to hear to give their life to Christ! Help us encourage each other by letting others know what Jesus is capable of. Help us let others know they are not alone and someone else has gone through it too. Someone needs to hear your story. Will you share it?


Jesus Rescued Me From Abuse

by Johanna Constance Longden

Jesus rescued me over 20 years ago. I was suicidal and had been satanically abused severely as a child to the point of collapse many times. My dad would make me hold my hands above my head for ages until it hurt so badly. He’d try to French kiss me. It felt sickly. One punishment was knives being held over my fingers on the kitchen chopping board:(. I was locked in a cupboard full of hanging witch puppets and scary spiders in there. My bare forming breasts beaten with a horse whip hurt terribly. I’ve undergone very serious mental and physical torture also with knives and beatings, including a mock beheading. I was screaming so much. Petrified, while my dad put a bucket under my head… One neighbor threatened me too, while telling me to preform oral sex on him I also was chased home by one child predator from school and was frightened by another man who used to hide behind a tree near a church yard, beckoning me to go to him, but I’d run with all my might. Another woman outside my school offered me money to get into her car, but I didn’t. I was racially bullied at school and had very gay tendencies which I engaged in. I am sorry to be honest, but it does exist unfortunately. I’ve also been gagged, pinched, handcuffed and had my food spat in and also guns held to my head while my real father played Russian roulette which scared me so much. He left porn mags lying around and let us watch horror and some torture films and sexual abuse included. I was once put out by him for 2 days and he woke me up with smelling salts. These sadly are only some of the torture and abuses I endured. That list is too long. As I grew older, I became a gang member and drank way too much and did drugs including gas and glue solvent abuse. I was homeless and destitute and a wreck.

I have had dealing with escaping from a witches coven after also being abuse by them. I stole and sold my body for drugs and food. I used to beg in shop doorways. I lost a baby due to dating a pimp who wanted me as a prostitute. I lived in a ransack secondhand run beginnings of a brothel. I’ve slept with approximately 56 men because I wanted to feel loved. I’ve been raped and strangled and held in a house by a man who told me he was the devil. Jesus saved me after many years when I finally cried out to Him for help. One day I’d had enough, after already taking an overdose. Sometime later I tried to electrocute myself, but was more of a dare on myself too. I flew across my room and heard a small whisper saying “Jo, I love you. If you were to die, you’d be in hell, but I’ve stopped this and have a future for you.” I knew this must have been God. I felt Him say to me to look in the cupboard. I had found a small bible which I had forgotten and probably was from my school days. As I opened it a light fell over my eyes and a heat over my forehead. This was the turning point of my life. My life has improved and God meets our needs daily and am getting healings too. I AM a born again Christian and believe every word of the bible as the word of God’s truth. I am still being healed, Amen. I repented of my sins too. Please keep me in your prayers. I suffer anxiety disorder and I do sometimes have panic in the middle of the night. Thank you.

Johanna Constance Longden

Thank you for your testimony Johanna. God bless you and may Jesus keep you.

Brother Todd Carr:

Emily Thomes

I came across this today and had to do a double take. She doesn’t even look like me. Her eyes look hollow. She’s dressed in a way that downplays the woman God made her to be. The girl on the left had no hope in the world. She was lost and lived only for herself. You couldn’t have told her that though; she was getting high everyday, sleeping around with various women, and living like there was no God, all while claiming to know Him. She was living ‘the life’ and she was a heartbeat away from the punishment due her for that life. The girl on the left was dead in her sins and trespasses. She couldn’t not sin because it’s all she knew and all her heart wanted. She could acknowledge there was a God and even claimed to read some of the Bible but she had no desire to obey it. Sin had her blinded to her need for forgiveness. Thanks be to God that He does not leave His bride in her sin. Praise Him for He opens our eyes and allows us to see the mire that we’re wallowing in when He saves us. Thanks be to God that He gives us His Spirit and causes us to walk in His statutes. I didn’t know I needed to be saved. I never foresaw that God would’ve given me the lot He prepared for me before the foundations of the world. Glory to God that it depends not on the will of man but on God when it comes to saving us. I would’ve never chosen Him had He not chosen me.
#transformationtuesday #repentANDbelieve #theGOSPEL
Emily Thomes

D. W. Pastor Barry

Since I was 23 I knew God was calling me to preach. I did make a few sermons of my own and preached about a half dozens times in a Baptist church in Taiwan. I had a hunger for the Lord but roadblocks of addiction and ‘rock star’ living would dominate my life for nearly 10 years. All eventually seemed lost…..
In Spring of 2013 as I was living through an alcoholic stupor while carrying on a 10-year teaching ‘career,’ I discovered deliverance (the casting out of demonic spirits).
I was taught growing up that Christians can’t be demonized because the Holy Spirit lives in them. While this is true that we are temples of the Holy Ghost, I found out first hand that demons can and are in the flesh and soul (mind, will and emotions) of Christian believers. Cancer and fears in a believer are a perfect example of this.
One afternoon, while nursing a horrible whiskey hangover and the shame and guilt of being escorted out of a bar/restaurant the previous night for causing a big disturbance, I had hit an all-time low when I passed out on the streets of Taichung covered in my own vomit. Things needed to change fast – for I was circling the bowl so-to-speak.
That day I learned how to perform self-deliverance and knelt down at the bed to pray. As I commanded alcoholic spirits, lust, fears and other demons to leave, tingling and other sensations began to manifest and leave my body. I was left in awe. My craving for booze vanished, I could look at people in a new light and several of my fears had left me. A hunger to learn more about this 1/3 of Christ’s ministry (Luke 4:18) grew like a roaring fire. I watched videos, read books and listened to radio shows.
Ministry truly began through me when I began to cast demons out of other believers over Facebook, Skype and eventually phone texting. It was amazing. Then I began to fast, I prayed to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (which we all NEED to be infilled with power) and then I began to pray in new tongues.
From there, I moved to the Philippines to leave my past behind and get my spiritual cup filled. I had received words of wisdom that explained I would be a world missionary, a warrior and a healer.
A year and a half would pass and then in December 2014 I began preaching in churches and carrying out mass deliverances that would see hundreds to thousands of Filipinos set free. In Spring of 2015 I would see my first miracles and healing. Arms and legs grew before my eyes, stroke patients were set free and walked away leaving canes behind, spines moved back into their correct places, deaf ears were opened, eyesights were enhanced, arthritis, asthma, skin diseases and bones were ALL healed.
Now I am at rest, a broken man being restored after the enemy was permitted to strip me of nearly everything. God wants me healed, reconstructed and walking in His fullness.
I am nobody, a nothing. But to God I am one of His sons. A General in training, waiting to be used as an Endtime Warrior.
If God can use this Canadian village boy, He can certainly use YOU.


Jessica Lee Smith

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior during a Sunday School class at a very young age in a small country church in Ohio where my Dad was a Pastor for a short time. It was the first time I knew I loved Jesus. It was the first time He manifested Himself to me. When I encountered Him, I clearly understood He was Lord and God. I understood that He was above all and there was none greater than Him. I knew He was my God forever.
After a great rebellion, I began to seek the Lord at the age of 19 years old, but did not surrender my life to Him until the age of 22. The next 15 years would be full of mountains to climb and valleys to tread. I back slid one more time after I was married… the worst of all back slidings.
The Lord delivered me and brought me back to Him in mercy in the year 2010 and since then I’ve been on a journey of painful fire and steady growth. On this road I’ve failed many, many times, being entrapped by sin, lies, and my own desires and earthly goals. By the mercy of God I continue to move forward into maturity and it is the grace and mercy of God in me that works His will through me. I am nothing.
I was in my early twenties when I felt the call of God on my life. After I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Jesus came to me in a dream and manifested Himself to me. In the dream, He called me.
He beckoned me to walk through the Door and sit at the Table with Him. I did. I saw His face. In this dream, He baptized me in His love. I saw His eyes of fire. He changed me. I have never been the same. He touched my head and anointed me. From that day I’ve been deeply and desperately in love with Jesus, always needing more. I began dreaming prophetic dreams. I’ve been recording decades worth of dreams, visions, spiritual experiences, spiritual warfare, and so much.
In the fall of 2014, the LORD finally released me. As I was looking in the mirror at my face, He spoke to my mind loud and clear, “I now release you for such a time as this.” I felt released. I immediately began to publish my dreams and visions which incited a large persecution from the CHURCH, including some of my own relatives who began to reject and slander me. The Lord encouraged me to continue no matter what, whether people listened or not… so I trudge on.
In truth the Lord has called me into the prophetic and into the apostolic. He bestowed wisdom in me that I share with the world via internet. He put spiritual bread in my hand and in a dream through the mouth of a prophet, He told me it was “bread for the nations”, hence the title of my blog.
I’m still on this journey and not sure where exactly He’s taking me, but I’m willing to surrender all, suffer anything and give Him all the glory. My prayer for decades has been this:
“Lord, glorify Your name in me. Manifest Yourself through me.”
And although I fall, I stand back up and push forward. No mortal can stand in my way. No criticism can stop me. The opinions of mortals means nothing to me. No demon in hell can stop God’s plan. His will be done.
I will tell you the truth: I am a detestable loser that God has mercifully chosen to glorify His name in. I am an unwanted failure that the Lord has chosen to manifest Himself through. It is His mercy. God called me many years ago, lavished love on me, then thrust me into His painful refining fire and He’s never left me. He taught me how to love people by taking mortal love from me. He taught me how to have compassion on people by making me suffer without help.
Many, NOT all, but many of the Leaders in His American Church have altogether forsaken Him and run after the lusts of the flesh, having been seduced by Satan and are consumed by the love of money, so the Lord has gone to the high ways and the by ways to search out a people who are after His own heart. He has rejected the Sauls’ and has found the Davids’ in the low and unwanted places tending the sheep in secret. He is refining them in His fires to prepare them to rule. I am one of those.
God made me a loser to make me a ruler. He brought me low, to raise me up. He is with me where ever I go. I was chosen because I am a loser in this world. Because I am such a loser, God will confound the proud by me in His works He will do through me. That’s the truth whether people like it or not.
There are many like me. I know many of you here on facebook. I know many not on facebook. God desires to confound the proud and lofty through the lowly ones He chooses. There is nothing special about us, really. We are bottom of the barrel Christians who many in our churches would never reach down to touch, except to rebuke for speaking truth they reject, but God has made our foreheads strong as rock against those who are not for truth.
We are after God’s own heart and that is our utmost goal. He personally promised me I could have it. We have tasted of His love and therefore know this world can offer us nothing. On this journey of truth we are mocked, attacked, persecuted, slandered, rejected, and if we are so ultimately blessed, we will be martyred.
This earth is a breath of evil we walk through and our only goal here is to die that Christ may live in us, to lay hold of His heart, to rescue the lost and hurting and to be mighty heroes.
I am one of the hidden, rejected, belittled ones.. if you are truly His, you are too. We are of the many true children of God ready to be called forth in these last days. We are part of His secret, strengthening army of Saints whose goal is to follow the King and lay hold of His precious heart. We are rising up. We are forming and uniting. We are growing stronger and stronger. The fake ones are already falling from their lofty pulpits. If you are His true child, then you are like me. We desire to bring many with us. We are warriors, heroes and lovers of God. We bear our Cross though its pain is excruciating. We embrace it and kiss it, because it makes us like the One we love.

Brooklynn Wojtowicz

From identifying as lesbian at the age of 12 to transgender at the age of 18 as a child I felt I was eternally struggling with my identity. I continuously kept going down a road of darkness until I didn’t even know who I was anymore lost in the devils grip. All this until God awoke me. From lost to found, I was a child of God. I went from “born this way” to born again! I will praise God for all that He allowed me to go through and see because it has made me into a warrior for Christ. I share the good news that you don’t have to live in bondage God will set you free!
Brooklynn Wojtowicz

Ty Butler


Amy M.

I am going to start off writing about a brief history of my childhood which has led me down a dark path in my life. I was very strong willed child with a lot of self destructive behavior when in my teenage years. I hated my life then because I was lonely and felt like no one loved me especially my own family or parents. No one wanted to play with me because they thought I was retarded and slow. I was born without a thyroid gland which gave me learning dysabities and I was expected to live with my parents my whole life. I attended special schools with speech therapists and physical therapy as well. Later on in school they found out i was dyslexic with numbers and struggled with reading comprehensive.
My father was a OB/GYN,so he thought he should have detected it sooner than that . So I always wondered why he rejected me . He always treated my brothers and sister different than me. Well that is how I saw it anyway and sadly my brothers and sister didn’t like play with me and neighbor kids called me retarded. They threw rocks at me and bullied me and at school to.I could never understand why no one liked me . I always played by myself in my playroom and my big wheel. I had one the biggest imagination ever though.
When I was the fourth grade , my parents told us they were go to get divorced my father told us he didn’t love my mom anymore and he wasn’t happy anymore.  My mother was an alcholic and she drank more after my father left her. He had an affair with my mom’s best friend. So my family was falling apart and I was falling apart. I was extremely lonely, abandoned and rejected by my parents now. I always thought it was my fault that is why my dad left and my mother drank..
When I was in the 8th grade , I discovered how I could find love and approval for at least for a day . I would steal candy and doughnuts from the grocery store and pass it out to friends at school so they would pay attention to me for a little while.I also hit puberty and I became very big breasted very quickly  so I got attention from the guys which I was craving it. This was very sad because I wasn’t getting no attention at home. My mother was binge drinking at home where should stay in her room for a week and binge drink . My siblings and i would have to take care of us and her . My father and stepmother would send us downstairs when we went to go visit them. They were very into themselves and they were very selfish . They were not very nice to me either . They compared me to my sister and stepsister and they never wanted to play with me either.
I started to feel more lonely and starving for attention everywhere  I was raising myself and just trying to survive in this world. No I didn’t know about God because my parents didn’t either.I wasn’t angry with God ,I just didn’t know him at all but now I wish I knew him then because I would have been a different girl? By the time I reached high school ‘I was very lost and confused about my whole life. I hated myself and angry with everyone in my family especially my parents. They called me fat and other names and school I was getting involved with boys by having sex and drinkinking a lot. I felt loved at least for a hour or two and then I would smoke cigarettes.I could never please anyone including myself or my parents no matter what i did.
In their eyes I was a slut,slob,stupid,never going to amount to anything. I was hearing lies and persecuted my whole life and could never figure it out.
My parents always thought i was trying to get attention when i got into trouble. They were right in so many ways but it was all negative attention. I wanted to lose weight because that is what I thought they wanted and I was prettier and i would be accepted . I would be at home , My mother would be the food police and she would questioned everything I ate .I started to binged and purged sometimes 3 times in a hour and I discovered diet pills as well. My self destruction was getting worse by the year and i was struggling to just to stay alive . I hated myself more and I drank more and had more sex which it was a vicious cycle for a very long time. I became pregnant and I had an abortion because i didn’t want to bring a baby into my life because it was not fair to the child. I tortored myself with guilt and shame and thought of killing myself so many times. Deep down there was a divine intervention to keep me from killing myself because he had plans for me but I didn’t know who or what was stopping me from doing anymore self destruction.
I started to go to AA and made a vow to a higher power but I stayed sober and stop having sex with just anyone until I found the special one. I got on my knees for 6 month to pray for someone special . I met my husband at a bar but I was sober and  I fell in love with him very fast and i knew he was the one but I tested him from the beginning . I didn’t believe i deserved him and he would leave me like my father. I didn’t trust anyone and i thought everyone would leave me and reject me. I thought even God would reject me to because my own father did and my brothers . I spent my childhood and adulthood to please everyone and  I wanted to belong in my family, and with friends.
A couple years ago I wrote my testimony but it was more detailed how my family treated me in the last 10 years and it got out on facebook and destroyed a relationship with them because they didn’t understand what it was for . It was to explained how I was saved by God  and it explained how i was treated by others. God gave me a wonderful family with my sons and husband and in laws.
Then once again I fell into a dark dark pit of depression and Satan found away to attack me in so many ways. I had lustful eyes towards old friends and boyfriends in high School. I was having sexual fantansies and writing sexual texts to them . I was lying to myself and saying it was ok because i never cheated phyically until one night i did one time. Satan himself seduced me after I brought him cloths to help the homeless.  I felt so horrible and ashamed because I did do it but I couldn’t let steve find out and I was afraid it would kill him and kill us. I tried everything to stop thinking about what happened but then Jezabel struck me and my family very hard. She contacted my sons,facebook,my husband and she was to destroy me . My sons received copies of texts of my affair and they confronted  me about it.They said if I didn’t tell my husband they would. So I told him and we came very close to divorce.I was warned by this gentleman but I was very deceived by them both because i thought i was helping a friend with money and I  was getting needs met. God was allowing this to happen so i would change my ways and to be delivered of all my demons.
So that night all Hell broke out literally and i came clean of my affair with my husband and son . It was the worse night and I wanted to kill myself in the worse way. God stepped in and did some serious divine intervention . He had me tell Steve and Brandon and it was so difficult but the truth set me free. This led me into deliverance by Pastor DW Barry and it caused me to throw up at least 8 times that night alone and he put me into a Chat room that was called THE War Room and I met so many wonderful people who prayed over me and my family. My husband let me spend the night on the couch , then we the next day we talk some more and I slept in our bed, the next night we went Brandon’s concert together . Friday night we went out on a date and we were working on our marriage. The whole time people in the war room were reaching out to me and praying for us. I was praying so hard for us to work things out and have god work on Steve as well. He was forgiving me and we were growing closer then ever. I am have surrendered my life to God, Baptized in the Holy Spirit ,Delivered of more demons and strongholds, and working on Alters. I have forgiven everyone I know, reanouse my sins and severed my soul ties and repented my sins .
A couple weeks ago my father asked me forgiveness for leaving us and leaving me with my mother. He told me he was sorry for calling me self centered and selfish. I forgave him and I asked for his forgiveness as well. I am also working on my relationship with my mother. My heart is healing by God and want to give him all the glory. He has put wonderful Sisters and Brothers in my life. Amber, Lisa, Stacie, DW Barry, Randy, Richard ,Mona, Joyce ,Diana. There is so many more and I thank all of you and I love you all. God Bless you all and I love you all. I hope this gives you Hope and courage to get deliverance from Fear No Evil Ministries.

My journey out of hell.

by David Graf

3 years ago today i started my journey out of hell. And today I am healed by Jesus of many things including alters from all I could not bear with a childs mind 50 plus years ago. There were many of them…terrified and in perpetual shock most of them; and terrified of Jesus from years of lies and torturous attacks. But when they understood Jesus wasn’t who the demons terrifying them said He was…they ran to be cleansed and then ran to Him. I still see things they used to do or say…and I smile. And sometimes I hear them singing. And I know they are safe healed and restored in Jesus and returned to their rightful place in me. They never really left…they just got cleansed in the Spirit and healed and then they paired with Jesus…who is already on the throne in my heart. They were afraid of not existing and that all they’d taken for me meant nothing. But they never really went anywhere…they just got to come home from war and go back to the way life was before……and a heroes welcome.Several months ago after they had all run to Jesus for that final healing…149 of them in all…I realized I was alone in my head for the first time in 57 years. I cried and cried because they did everything for me all my life and I felt empty naked and clueless. I felt old used up and my life was gone and I never got to live it. But He said…listen…and watch. And He said they had asked Him together to let me know it was ok…cuz it was a little terrifying. He said they said they knew I would be scared…so would He please let me hear singing around His throne in my heart. And because they understood why I had to be whole now.If people could see a movie of what an alter endures in a life just from the demonic…..I miss them…but they are whole…and that makes me whole in Jesus. If I could tell any person with alters anything to heal….run to Jesus child. I will hold your hand. #OnlyJesus

David Graf

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