We’ve Missed You

As most of you may know, we have been out of the office for quite some time. During this time, we are completely restructuring the whole ministry. For transparency's sake, I have been out due to extenuating circumstances. I was a victim of domestic violence for quite a while. I spent my time out of the office to relocate, spend some time with my children and Jesus, and get a fresh start on life. Jesus has brought us through the wilderness and is calling me to get things back on track. During this time, we said goodby for now to two of the most wonderful people I have ever known. Mama Debbie Tucker and Papa Joe Wilson both passed during this break. They will be greatly missed and celebrated for their service to the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Staff Page on our website reflects our current staff as we have lost some to glory, some to changing of seasons, and others to division. You will notice my name is no longer Albrecht but is now Amber Smith. It's still the same old me. I have missed all of you very much. Susan and I look forward to seeing where God leads us all together in this journey.

Although, we will not currently be bringing the deliverance ministry back online yet, you can soon look for newsletters, groups, posts on all social media, and articles to begin to resume. God willing, videos and live broadcasts won't be far behind. We are so excited to be back to work serving Jesus and the kingdom of God. We are always looking for people with a servant's heart to volunteer. If you would be interested, please email me at fearnoevilministries@outlook.com or message the ministry on Facebook or Twitter. We apologize but we are not currently monitoring any of the other emails or our Instagram messages.

We are also currently completely out of funds. Jesus has kept the services He wants us to have in waiting. Some of them we have been able to reinstate but do not have the money for all yet. Our broadcasting service is one of those. The website and domain bills will be due in a few months as well. Any donations would be appreciated. You can donate by following the prompts when you click here. If you prefer you can also send a donation via snail mail to

Fear No Evil Ministries

PO Box 76

Bonham, TX 75418

Don't forget to turn your notifications for Facebook groups and YouTube back on. It's a New Year and a new fire falling on every child of God. May the Lord bless you all and keep you.

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