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On behalf of the whole staff, we welcome you to Fear No Evil Ministries. We are a global ministry with 3 main focuses: prophecy, deliverance/healing, and restoration. We are also involved in teaching in each of these areas, including discipleship programs, bible studies, spiritual warfare classes and more. We have much information available here on the website as well as our social media outlets. We are in operation on FaceBook, where we have many groups for most areas of our walk with Christ, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, LinkedIn, and of course here on WordPress. We have a full deliverance and healing ministry available as well as active prayer intercessors. We carry out the great commission to lay hands on the sick and cast out demons. We have Bible study every Sunday at 5:00pm cst and invite you to join us. The broadcast can be viewed on FaceBook, Periscope, YouTube and here on the website on this page or our live broadcast page. We release prophecy as the Lord commands us to do so, even when they are hard to speak. We also work in the healing of the body of Christ to be restored to its glory as the Lord intended and for us to walk in the gifts, offices, callings, and anointings God has placed in our lives. We hope you find everything you need here.If there are answers you are looking for and cannot find here, we invite you to email us with your questions or if you prefer good old fashioned mail we have that option as well.

Fear No Evil Ministries

PO Box 76

Bonham, Tx 75418

email: fearnoevilministries@outlook.com

Please check out our staff page for our ministry members and who to contact about each area we work in.

Our ministry is dedicated to leading people to Christ and sounding the trumpet in these last days. Our mission is for you to know how much Jesus loves you and wants you to surrender your life to Him. It is to help all learn how to walk the path the Lord has laid out for us so that we do not stray from His path, and to tell you how close the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is and how to be prepared, and to cast out demons and lay hands on the sick. There is much false doctrine among the world today, and we wish to help sort out scripture so that no one is deceived and led astray. We will be discussing bible prophecy and its fulfillment right in front of our eyes, how to keep your focus on Jesus and still discern the times we live in without fear or worry. Most importantly if you have not given your heart to Jesus and would like to, we have a video you can watch on the video page, there’s the page How Do I Become Born Again?, or you are more than welcome to email us at any of our email addresses listed on the ministry staff page and we would be honored to help you. If our ministry has helped you give your life to the Lord please email us and tell us. We would love to know our work in the Lord is reaching people, but most importantly we would love to know that we have a new brother or sister in Christ.

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We were called to ministry under Ezekiel 33. We are called to be watchman on the wall, sounding the trumpet in these last days. Will you heed the warning?

Please help us keep the ministry going with your donations. We are a faith based ministry. Everything is out of pocket and we want to reach as many as we can with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Help us stay a global ministry helping set captives free by the name, power and glory of Jesus Christ. God bless you and may Jesus keep you.

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We are sounding the trumpet!

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