FNEM Rise Up Discipleship

Welcome to our Discipleship program. Our goal here at Fear No Evil Ministries is to help each believer not only be set free from the enemy, but also to teach you to walk in all God has for you and stay free. We want you to be able to engage in spiritual warfare, operate in your gifts, know your identity, authority, birthright, and much more. We hope you find all the Lord has planned for you in every aspect of your walk with Jesus.

Grow your walk. Learn to fight, and use your gifts. Rise Up Remnant.

Learn your authority, birthright, and come with us into the deep waters.


Things you should pray every single day morning and night…. Do you know how to stand having done all to stand? Pray on your armor:

Lord I humble myself before you and I put on the helmet of salvation which is the salvation of Jesus Christ, the breastplate of righteousness which is his righteousness, and I put on the belt of truth which is the truth found in Jesus. I shod my feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. I take up my shield which is my faith in Jesus and pick up my sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. I put on the full armor of God and command my spirit to use it and stand having done all to stand. To block the darts of the enemy and to kill any demon that attacks me and call for angel armies to assist in Jesus name.

This is the new bible challenge for 2021 guys. If you’re not yet signed up make sure you do. Just log in and hit join challenge. If you’re new to Bibles Challenges then create a free account. Look forward to reading the Old testament with y’all. This round is a bit more challenging at 3 chapters a day. Let’s get into the Word. #RQ4D

Break off witchcraft:

Things you should pray every single day morning and night….Do you know how to keep the stuff off you that witches throw at Christians daily?

Lord I humble myself at your feet. I ask that you break, cancel and make null and void all curses, hexes, vexes, dark arts, dark rituals, sacrifices, sorcery, voodoo, spells, witchcraft, false equations, false judgements, enchantments, incantations, ungodly declarations and word curses over myself now and send them back to the sender with blessings, the gospel and a testimony so they may know the glory and love of Jesus. I ask that all webbing or anything that attached or infiltrated the system be removed, cut out, burned with a holy consuming fire and washed clean of all residue with Living water in body, soul, spirit, arche, star and all realms. In Jesus name Amen

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