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Mission Statement:  To walk people from nonbelievers to anointed believers with a mantle and training others…

We are Fear No Evil Ministries, an online global ministry with four major focuses and many minor ones. Our main focuses are spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit that come with it. Secondly, we are watchman on the wall called to ministry under Ezekiel 33, teaching Bible prophecy as it relates to today We also have special focus on deliverance and healing ministries specializing in those that have occult backgrounds before coming to Christ. Our third pillar is discipleship and the restoration of the Acts church yo the body of Christ. We also have a fourth apostolic pillar in which we train others to run ministries, disciple others, operate in deliverance and healing if the Lord has called them to it, preach and many other things. We fulfill the great commission by casting out demons and laying hands on the sick. We are nonprofit but not 501c3 as we are not a corporation and will only preach what the Bible says. We do not wish to have the gospel compromised by any man. We will remain that way as not to have outside sources tells us we cannot preach that sin is sin. We receive no government funding because of this and completely rely on donations and fundraisers to operate as the Lord provides for us.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, the Word made flesh, and came to earth to save us from our sins. He was crucified and defeated the grave on the third day and was resurrected. He will return to gather the saints on the last day as stated in John. We believe this salvation is available to anyone that accepts Jesus as their Savior and repents of their sins, making a commitment to live their life from Jesus from that day on as the Bible commands. Salvation comes by faith and grace alone and is not earned but a gift from our Savior. We do not accept grace as a reason to continue to live in sin. We are no longer under the law of old as Paul teaches us but under the law of the Spirit and called to walk in the Spirit and bear fruit, leading holy lives. The baptism or infilling of the Holy Spirit is available to all born again Christians that will receive it. This comes with the gifts of the Spirit that differ for each person listed in 1 Corinthians 12. Spiritual warfare is real and the Word of God is our greatest weapon along with prayer. Every word in the Bible is true and should be taken in context with the whole Bible and not as partial excerpts to support a personal point in which it is out of context. The Word of God doesn’t change. It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We do not adhere to replacement theology but acknowledge Romans 11 in which Israel and the church are grafted into one vine, the True Vine, Jesus Christ.

We claim no denomination but seek unity in one body of Christ in love which is our greatest command. All Christians must deny themselves and the lust of the flesh and take up their cross and follow Jesus, doing their best to live as He lived. This doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes but will repent and continue to grow in Christ. We believe in the rapture of the church including Israel after tribulation. We do not adhere to calvanism, praying to anyone but God in Jesus name (Jesus is our only intercessor between God and man), salvation by works, or many other doctrines of man. The job of spreading the gospel does not just fall on the head of the preacher, minister, etc. but on all saints as stated in 2 Timothy 4. The Sabbath is on Friday from sunset until Saturday at sunset but we meet for worship on Sundays to celebrate the resurrection.

We wish to fulfill the call of spreading the gospel to all nations through the internet or more if the Lord leads us and provides the way. We also wish to sound the trumpet of warning to all God’s children to turn from sin and to God through Jesus Christ as the soon return of our Lord is close. No one can say when or can know the day or the hour but as prophecy and scripture tells us we should know the season and that it is at the door. We offer a full encompassing deliverance ministry to all who seek freedom from demonization or oppression of any kind. We also believe in the power of miracles and healings today and minster this to as many as possible. We want all to know the love, healing power, peace, and joy of Jesus Christ. We share truth and scripture and believe in being biblically correct not politically correct. We have many Bible studies available online as well as sermons, and online church live broadcast when available. We are currently in around 200 countries and provinces across the world through all our outlets. Our goal is to be able to provide as much information as possible free of charge.


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