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Join us in praying for those on our prayer list. If you would be interested in becoming an intercessory prayer warrior and receive our prayer list in your inbox to help stand in the gap for others please email us at and let us add you to the staff.


Mike- health issues

Joni Kincaid- unspoken healing

Beth Randle- stroke, covid, lack of speech

Kelly Kincaid- mitrovalve prolapse


Fred- for increased faith and encouragement that a walk with Christ is a process rather than instantaneous (won’t be perfect overnight)

Rhonda Anne- for strength, comfort, peace and joy in her walk and guidance for His will and how to stay in His joy and peace.

For Their Salvation or a Closer Walk With The Lord

Andrew Lee McDowell- spiritual and mental stability and consistency in living in God’s will and an open door as he looks for a job

Angela, Olivia, and Ashton Butler- that they accept salvation and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit

Tamara- that her eyes be opened and recognize deception

Amy Stewart to walk closer with God

As always pray for all the lost that they may find Jesus

Protection or Safe Return

Cliff Randle- exposed to covid, protection against it

Safety of Jerusalem and Israel


Brian- marriage restored and bondage of depression and alcoholism broken

everyone on FNEM clients list


Joseph Kanu Koroma for provisions for his family and him

Their Ministry

Fear No Evil Ministries- Please always pray for our ministry to reach as many as possible with the Lord’s message.

Brother Eric Bawar- One of our Deacons in Arifwala, Pakistan for safety and good ground as he shares the Gospel in a very persecuted country. Also for blankets and bibles for the poor



unspoken, husband and wife for healing of cancer and other major medical problems between the two of them.

Praise Reports

Pam Barcroft has come through surgery successfully after being told it could kill her. Her pain levels at at zero which hasn’t happened in decades and instead having to go to rehab for months they are sending her home. Praise God. He is mighty! Pray for her continued recovery.

Breauna Glass has been found alive. Praise the Lord.


  1. Prayer for my Tamara that her eyes opened and she would recognize deceptio

  2. Will do. We added her to the main list. God bless you.

  3. Amy Stewart Michael

    Yes I would love to be part of this prayer group .

  4. I need prayers to be strong and be fully delivered from all sin and to live for God only. To have my eyes and ears open to hear the Holy Spirit so he can reveal his plan for my life.

  5. Minister Amber Albrecht

    You are added to the list Amy. God bless you.

  6. Could really use prayer having lots of opposition physically and mentally since I have agreed to doing deliverance.

  7. I need prayer! Please I’ve been struggling with cigarettes.stop start over and over. I have been physically attacked for a year now, sickness depression and accidents also financial. I can take myself through a little bit of deliverance and I feel great and set free for a few days and then it all comes back.

  8. I need prayer please. Can’t really say what for at the moment

  9. Just some praise for the great work this ministry is doing in Jesus name 😇

  10. How do I get deliverance…idk that much about computers…I’m not going to have access long to pH or computer

  11. Ummm…this page is so dark it’s hard to read for 60ish person lol…

  12. Our free deliverance ministry runs through Facebook messenger so that we may minister to those all over the world. You can contact us on Facebook by searching @fearnoevilministries and sending a message to the page. We are happy to help.

  13. Hi! Please pray for my health (that I don’t have any excess mucus) and please pray my son Matthew, daughter Nicole and daughter Aleshia will give their lives 100 percent to the Lord Jesus Christ and surrender to Him and love and obey Him! Pleaes pray my 13 yr old won’t steal anymore (Josiah).Thank you much and God bless you, Ginger

  14. Hi Amber, a prayer request, getting attacked by one of them realms you fight in, please see that gets addressed as I think that be your gift. Thank you in advance Fear no evil ministries

  15. Hi everyone, Please can you pray for God to send someone to me that can lead me to Christ (with the evidence of speaking in tongues), disciple me, heal me and deliver me from my demons. I have been to 5 different churches in 4 years and none of them has been able to successfully lead me to Christ (with the evidence of speaking in tongues). The way things are going, I feel like I’m never going to be saved because I can’t find anyone that can help me. Thank you for everyone’s prayers in advance. God bless you all. Claire.

  16. Amber Albrecht

    First let me assure you that you do not have to speak in tongues to be saved. Speaking in tongues is only one of 9 gifts. You will have evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit in one of these 9 gifts. It isn’t always tongues, though it is the most common. My first gift was wisdom, not tongues. I didn’t get my tongues for a year and a half. I have a friend that waited 9 years but got prophecy immediately. My elder never received tongues but had faith, wisdom, knowledge, and discerning of spirits.
    Secondly, I was saved when I was 13. I didn’t receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit which is a completely separate thing until I was 36. You can be saved already but something blocks the baptism of the Holy Spirit which is where the gifts come from. Scripture only promises us one gift with that. That one gift is not always tongues. Those that teach you must speak in tongues to be saved are in error.
    Our deliverance ministry is currently out of office. However if you message us on Facebook or Twitter, or email us, when we return we can look at our availability to minister deliverance to you.

  17. Hi Amber, Thank you for your reply and for offering to minister deliverance to me. Please can you send me your email, so I can give you more details about my situation.

    God Bless you and your ministry.


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