Why Casting Demons Out Is Not Enough….

Many think that deliverance just entails casting a demon or demons out. This couldn't be further from the truth. There are so many things that deliverance entails including demons, ministering to the spirit, broken spirit fragments, defiled land, defiled timelines, and much more. The most common overlooked or misunderstood form of deliverance is alternative personalities, we call them alters.

Some deliverance ministers treat them as demons and try to cast them out. This is a massive mistake and can cause great harm as they are soul fragments broken off by trauma, fear, rejection, and occult events and many times wrapped in a demonic shell. One cannot cast out a piece of a person. They need that piece to be whole.

Many other ministers are completely unaware of alters at all and just leave them unattended to. This leaves the soul in broken pieces and cannot heal. This is another grave mistake. Some alters are actually against the decision made by the main soul piece to follow Jesus. They will engage in behaviors that are against Christ and keep the person in bondage to sin allowing doors to open and demons to keep returning. This undoes all the deliverance work a minister has already done.

An alter can manifest in different ways. In extreme cases alters come forward in people and they are diagnosed with DID, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, or with schizophrenia. These alters speak to the person and they hear the voices, or these alters completely take over the body. People may lose track of a whole day and not remember what they did at all because their main soul fragment was not the one in control. They were hijacked by one of their alters and the alter was in control of the conscious state.

In mild cases, these alters manifest as mood swings, depression, and other less dangerous forms of emotional disabilities. This still leaves the client unable to deal with day to day life in the peace that Christ gives us, and continuously opening doors to demons to re-enter.

Today, I would like to testify to one of our sessions with a client to show just how many alters can be in a person that hinder their daily walk with Christ and everyday life, not to mention their inability to heal, forgive and move forward in life. Due to confidentiality of our clients, we will call this person Jane.

We had an appointment set for Jane to address alters through prophetic deliverance. Our original plan was to search out one specific alter in charge of the alters not loyal to Jesus. We prayed as usual to begin the session and Holy Spirit immediately revealed to me that we needed to get more than just that alter. Prophetic deliverance is done in the spirit realm where the minister travels through the realm by the hand of God only to the place the alter is held in captivity (thus set the captives free). We then rescue the alter from that place where they are held in chains, a cell or other restraints.

During this session, Holy Spirit showed us a large number, probably close to a hundred, that were in this Jane's mind realm. The one we were originally targeting was being held in a locked box there. We first addressed this alter. We broke the alter free of the box and immediately immersed him in a tub full of living water. We simply ask angels to bring the tub and Father fills it with living water for us. Living water of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will separate the alter from the demonic parts and cleanse it of evil. As long as it is defiled with any demonic residue, the part will refuse to be reintegrated. We used ground deliverance and commanded angels to cleanse this part in living water. Once the part was clean and rescued, the other alters in the mind realm started to appear to see what was going on.

They can be seen in the realm by anyone that is able to see in the realm. Some were leery, others rushed to us knowing we could help them. After gaining the trust of as many as possible, we asked Jesus to provide a bus for us to load them on in order to transport them to the courts of heaven. There, Jesus will minister healing to them and reintegrate them himself back into the main soul where they were broken from. All soul wounds will be healed so the client can let go of the trauma. In total, we retrieved 93 alters in a 2 hour session. We guided them to get on the bus (not a bus like you would think) as we found them and stopped at the gates of heaven to cleanse them all in the Living waters there before going before the criminal court of heaven.

The bus we received seemed to be like a giant chariot without wheels. It was carried by angels to and fro. Each bus seems to be just the size we need it. It held and accommodated every alter and their needs. Some were infants, most likely created by rejection or fetal injury. There were places to keep them secure and safe. There were small children, teenagers, young adults, and even one older than Jane. After speaking with this alter we realized she was created due to neglect trauma and her job was to care for Jane in ways that Jane's parents were neglectful.

After this session was complete we observed and questioned Jane over the next few days. Many of the "voices" Jane had heard and "thoughts" she had experienced simply disappeared. As the alters were healed and reintegrated by Jesus they no longer carried out assignments they had and no longer cried out for help. Jane also reported less physical pain and other improvements.

Amber Albrecht- notes from client session

As you can see many things are solved by the reintegration or "healing" of alters. Not all are willing and must be forcefully washed in the living waters, but afterward they are usually cooperative completely. This can solve a range of issues from uncontrollable thoughts to hearing voices and hallucinations. It can address depression, addiction, mood swings, emotional instability, anger, confusion, and even medical conditions. Notice these alters were not commanded to leave the person. They cannot because they are not demons and we have no authority over them, nor should they as they are broken soul fragments. Alters require healing from tragedy, loss, rejection and other events. They cannot simply be forgotten, ignored, tossed aside, or blamed for things. They didn't ask to be created. They are human. When Jesus died on that cross, He died for all of us, and not just all people but every piece of all people.

We need to stop overlooking or misunderstanding these very crucial parts of the human soul and spirit and give them the attention, love and healing they need and deserve. Once we do that we must look at every aspect of deliverance until a person is completely free.


  1. Where can I find anything about this in scripture?

  2. It’s all through psalms if you know what to look for. Alters can be held in regions of captivity like the miry pits or the valley of the shadow of death etc. you can also see in many place that speak of the broken soul or the soul being tormented.

  3. Peter GereardFfrench

    Hezekiah was definitely d.i.d…… he switches in scripture. ( Letting the enemies into browse the items in the temple).

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