Let Us Here At FNEM Share Our Testimonies


Minister Amber Albrecht: Minister and Founder

As a preteen, I had almost no friends. I had one friend that is still loyal to this day. We stuck together because we were both outcasts. All through school, I was bullied beyond belief. They called me names, shoved me around, knocked my books out of my hands, put me in trash cans, one would hold my arms while another swung from a tree and kicked me in the stomach, gang up on me in the locker room at gym and block me in so someone could pick a fight with me, and the list goes on. I hated myself and life. I was socially unacceptable.

The age of 13 was extremely busy. I involved myself in every sport and U.I.L. event I could possibly undertake to take my mind off things. I had been to the church a couple of time for vacation bible school so it wasn’t intimidating for me to go by myself. I knew I would be. So Sunday morning, I waited for the church bus to pick me up.

Time went by and I attended almost every Sunday. I understood the bible stories and read my whole bible a couple of times (which at the time was a precious moment’s bible). I knew the children’s version but had no understanding of the spiritual side. Now our pastor had no qualms about preaching repentance and damnation. So I asked how I go to heaven because I didn’t want to burn in hell. What 13 year old would want that? The same girl that invited me took me to the pastor and he told me you have to say this prayer and get baptized. I thought that’s it well that’s easy. He helped me say the prayer right there and in a couple of weeks I was baptized. I was never told I could lose my salvation or that I had to behave like a Spirit filled believer. I was never told anything other than to keep on living. Shortly after that our pastor moved away and we got a new one who was not aware of my situation at all. I loved this man. If I could have picked a second grandfather he would’ve been it. I never knew I needed to tell him things hadn’t been explained to me and he only knew I had already given my heart to the Lord. He preached and I listened. I learned some things but my mind wandered a lot during sermons as I have always had focus problems. It wasn’t from lack of intelligence. In the 5th grade my IQ tested at 151 and again my freshman year same result. I had been part of the gifted and talented program at our school so we had been tested twice.

I know now I was clueless. I was never really saved because I just repeated after someone, not even knowing what I was saying or what it meant. I had no clue the promises I was making so I didn’t receive the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately my whole life I thought I was backsliding and/or God didn’t love me or these things wouldn’t be happening to me.

One of my biggest problems was pure innocence and trust, utter naivety. I believed ever thing anyone ever said to me. So at 13 years old, I believed the big brother of one of the girl’s that bullied me when he said he wanted to hang out. He had sent someone to my house to get me. I went down to his grandmother’s and what was supposed to be a cruel joke of locking me in the shed turned into my first kiss because he felt sorry for me. I believed a trusted male adult family member, when he said I needed to learn how to be a woman and it was okay that he was touching me in inappropriate ways, but I also believed that I was supposed to tell my mother. So it didn’t take long for me to speak up. Then I believed the police departments as to how unimportant this was because they had so many cases of the same thing when we got bounced back and forth. We went to our police department, and they told us we had to go to two other ones because it didn’t happen in our county. We went to those and they told us we had to go to ours because I wasn’t a resident of their counties. We gave up. I wasn’t worth it.

I believed the first boy that told me he loved me, and the second, and got my heart broken. They broke up with me because I wasn’t ready for sex at 14 and 15, but other girls in my class were. I believed I needed to die. So I tried to kill myself by swallowing a handful of Benadryl, mixed with whatever prescription pills I could find in the medicine cabinet. Thankfully they were all antibiotics and there were only 14 Benadryl left. That still wasn’t good but God was watching me. I slept for 18 hours straight, but I was still here. I thought I can’t even overdose right. So I tried cutting my wrists. Thank the Lord, when it hurt I couldn’t continue. I never cut deep enough either time I tried. From that point on and for a long time I believed the devil’s lies that no boy would love me unless I slept with them. I believed that I was worthless. I finally met a guy that showed me respect. It was the first time I truly knew love and that it was actually reciprocated. Of course he wasn’t from our school. No one from our school would date me. He lived 20 minutes from us. I snuck out of the house every chance I got so we could see each other. I wasn’t really allowed to date.

By this time I had a few friends. They were the ones that didn’t care about popularity or what others thought and they felt sorry for me. Then when we got to know each other we all just clicked and they realized I wasn’t what everyone said. No one ever got to know me. (Just to fill you in, the rumor was I was a witch, I slept with the whole football team at the same time, and I had lice and refused to get rid of them because they were my pets, among other stupidity and lies.) Among the truths of the reasons they didn’t like me was I was a know it all, if you will. People don’t like to be corrected and I couldn’t stand to listen to someone say 2+2=5, so I immediately popped off with no it’s 4 just as an example. I was always right but no one cares, but I digress. This is when I started smoking cigarettes. The rest of the group did, so why not. This is also when I had sex for the first time and eventually met my first love at a party they got me invited to. He would be my boyfriend until the end of my junior year. I finally ran away from home and moved right down the street from him. I got a job and transferred to that high school determined to start a new life. That was the week of my 17th birthday. I started smoking marijuana a little bit. We broke into the local grain place. We didn’t steal anything just walked around and knocked some papers and stuff off a desk and put the gumball machine on top of something obscure hoping it would make someone laugh when they got to work. I was finally talked into coming home. I went but just got more miserable and my boyfriend broke up with me after 2 years because he couldn’t deal with seeing me 2-3 times a year. By the end of the school year I started dating a guy that graduated and by the beginning of my senior year I was pregnant. We got married and I at 7 months was put on bedrest. The baby was born by emergency C-section after a month and a half in the hospital and two weeks before graduation. I missed prom and half the school year. I had been doing my school work at the hospital and tried to stay on track. I still graduated 5th in the class.

Jonathyn was diagnosed at 6 weeks old with chronic asthma. We gave him breathing treatments every four hours. In the fall, I started college on my scholarships and grants. Breathing treatment had cut down to 4 times a day. We bought a house and I was on my own. I never saw my family, only his, except on the holidays. I worked a part time job and went to school, and took care of a very sick baby. The problem, I was still a baby myself. I still thought gangs only existed in Los Angeles and New York. Crime was something that only gangs did and in the movies. Bad stuff didn’t happen to real people. I wasn’t ready for all that so I left my husband. I moved in with my best friend and her husband that were getting a divorce but she still lived there. She moved out and left me there and I ended up in a relationship with him. I believed him when he told me he loved me and my son. One weekend when I had Jonathyn, I cooked dinner and we ate and he went to put Jonathyn to bed and feed him he said. He came running out with the limp body of my son. After hours at the hospital, my son is brain dead, in a coma. He had told me he had an asthma attack and I believed him. I told the police I didn’t know what happened. I was so confused. I rambled bits and pieces, that didn’t make sense and told them what he said, had happened. Come to find out they wrote that down as my story. We care-flighted to children’s hospital and at 4:10 in the morning my son took his last breath in my arms. Life support could no longer sustain him. A few days later I went to the police station and made my statement telling them everything I could remember. I took a lie detector test which I passed 99.9% no sign of deception. I was still charged with falsifying reports to an officer and I didn’t understand why nor did I care. My son was dead. I plead no contest because I didn’t have the strength to deal with it. It didn’t matter I wasn’t worth it. Because of my naivety my son was dead. I had failed him so guilty or not I felt I deserved to be punished. I begged God to take me. I knew I couldn’t kill myself because I would go to hell and never see my son again.

Life went on and time passed and I started dating my boss at that part time job that had turned full time. I had also added 2 other jobs as well and back to college with 17 semester hours. He was Muslim and without even realizing it by asking how to “Oh my God” in Arabic I was calling out to a false god. Don’t get me wrong he was a great guy, but the devil tempts you with everything you’ve ever wanted. After a couple of years, we split. I met a new best friend in college. I started further down a road I didn’t need to be on. I was finally cool. I started smoking pot heavily and getting drunk and partying constantly. I met a guy that seemed like a fairy tale. He opened doors, bought me drinks, treated me like a lady. He was everything to me. He was everything I imagined my prince charming would be growing up. He took care of me and taught me what the world was really like. I started doing LSD, ecstasy, triple c, and opium. It took away the pain. When we broke up I moved in with an older woman friend my best friend called mom. From there I started doing meth and cocktail waitressing. I barely made any money waitressing so I started dancing as a stripper. Then I met another guy. We did a lot of meth, some cocaine, etc. the party raged on. I slept once a week or so. Sometimes I would stay up for 2 weeks at a time. I moved clubs and ended up a stripper for 5 years. The things I saw in that club were nothing like I thought existed growing up. I was not a trained liar and refused to have sex for money so I never broke $1000 in a night. I hated going there. I knew I didn’t belong. I felt disgusting. I went to work like once or twice a week and sometimes wouldn’t go for 3-4 weeks. We had gone from a house in a small town to living in an RV on his mother’s land. So there I was living in horrible conditions, on drugs horribly, feeling like I was worth nothing, and bisexual.

We moved out of the RV when a family member ripped the door off the RV and told us violently to leave. We moved into a motel and were homeless bouncing where we could to keep a roof over our heads from motel to motel, and sleeping on people’s floor and couch. My car broke down so I could no longer work in Dallas. We met another family doing the same. I started working 2 restaurant jobs. I was working from 4:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the morning trying to make it and it wasn’t enough. We decided between the other family father and his 5 children and us three we would pull our money and get one 3 bedroom renthouse. We barely made it for a while and then we parted ways. Another family we knew moved in and then out and then a girl at work started going through a divorce. She just kind of ended up staying with us and the next thing I knew I was dancing again because she had a car and got me to Dallas. One thing led to another and a threesome. My boyfriend and I got in a fight and they moved to California. I went home to Deport. I got clean from everything except pot. Three months later he came home and we reconciled. We got another place, which was easier without the meth problem. I got a job at Sonic and worked for almost 10 years, with a few breaks. After about a year and a half in that trailer, I found out I was pregnant. We finally got another house in a little better condition because our house was sold while we were renting 2-3 times. I found out I was pregnant again. By the time my middle son was 2 ½ we were informed he was autistic. We started therapy and head start and pushed forward. Everything was so hard. The house we were living in was condemned due to electrical problems. We had to move again. This new house was in so much better shape, but now 11 specialist and teachers are telling me I need to medicate my child. When my youngest was almost 2 I knew he need evaluated as well. By 2 he was in therapy as well and within months diagnosed autistic as well. Neither of them will eat hardly anything. The textures bother them immensely. So now our day consisted of 6 hours of therapy daily and school, we both worked as much as we could and my head was spinning. We decided if we were going to pay that much everyday on housing we need to stop renting and buy. I worked very hard on our credit and managed to get us a USDA loan with no down payment. We got this great house and I had no clue how. I now know it was God’s will for His plans for me. Soon after moving in, I attained a bad injury at work. I was in bed for almost 2 months with a slipped disc and pulled back as well as a pinched nerve. I couldn’t feel most of my right arm and hand except for a very bad tingling sensation. I could barely stand to use the restroom and couldn’t fix my own food. I lost 13 pounds. I finally got in to a doctor and got somewhat better and back to work.

After a short time here I felt pulled into bible prophecy. I studied my bibles and realized we are living in the last days. At the bottom of a news article I saw a footnote that said for more information check out Evangelist Anita Fuentes on YouTube. I started watching her church and felt convicted by the Holy Spirit. I knew then I was never truly saved. I surrendered my heart to Jesus fully right then and there. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and the fire at that moment. So many things changed instantly. My extremely dependent addiction to marijuana was broken immediately. I was immediately healed of everything. Jesus healed so many things in me all I can do is just make a list for you: OCD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, asthma, allergies, arachnophobia, slipped disc, pinched nerve, arthritis, tendonitis, knee injury, addiction to marijuana, hopelessness, hay fevers, mood disorders, stress, worry, fear, diverticulitis, hate, pride, homosexuality(bisexual), suicidal tendencies, insomnia, and I could go on. I knew that He had a job for me immediately. I just didn’t know what it was yet. So I asked Him and waited. It didn’t take long for Him to answer. I was called into ministry and to be a watchman on the wall. The message He wanted me to carry was not one of gentleness but boldness. He wanted me to warn people of the hour we live in. I was called under Ezekiel 33.

My life has turned completely around. I no longer serve the world. I serve the Almighty King of Kings, the Alpha and Omega, the Prince of Peace, our Messiah and Savior, Jesus Christ. My heart, soul, body, and mind belong to Him and I will worship Him until He calls me home. He saved me from the devil, from myself, my sins, and so much more. He took my broken body and put it back together. He mended my broken soul and spirit and made me whole again. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light and you can’t get to heaven without Him. If you haven’t surrendered everything to Him already now is the time. Let Him put your pieces back together. It doesn’t matter how broken you are. He can fix anything! His mighty hand can pull anyone out of anything, anywhere. Surrender it all, your heart, life, children, family, addictions, past, present, future, the good and the bad and He will fix what needs fixing and get rid of what isn’t supposed to be there and make you whole again. He loves you and so do I. I hope my story helps someone understand they’re not alone and that you don’t have to be worthy. None of us are worthy; He makes us worthy. He has already done all the work and paid all of the check. You just have to be willing to accept the gift. God bless you and may Jesus keep you.

Amber Albrecht

Minister Lisa Frazier: Administrator and Senior Deaconess

I grew up in a dysfunctional house (who didn’t right?). I was not raised in a Godly home even though both of my parent’s father’s were preachers. As an adult, I still don’t understand how they could turn away from God being raised in such a Godly home. I was the youngest of 3 kids. My parents would fight quite violently, my dad didn’t ever touch my mom, but he would punch holes in walls, throw furniture and break lots of things. My parents finally got divorced when I was in junior high. My mom moved us to New Mexico to start over. I had never changed schools in my life and I went from a class size of around 30 students to a class size of 350. It was a culture shock for me. I became depressed and could think of nothing else but suicide. I was convinced that the world would be a better place without me. I spent many hours trying to decide how to kill myself. It became an obsession. This obsession slowly transformed into a dark new world where I finally felt a little bit of peace. This new world was a world of witchcraft. I became fascinated with spells, tarot cards, runes, etc. I would start my day with a reading of tarot cards. Those cards determined what kind of day I would have, I believed in everything the cards would say. The deeper I went into the witchcraft the more I wanted. There were times that I relied on it for everything. I had no idea that participating in these types of activities was considered satanistic. I thought that I wasn’t hurting anybody, so it was no big deal. But what I didn’t realize is that I was on a fast track to Hell. When I was 23, I was married and had my first child. I ran an in home day care where I could stay home with my child and earn a little money. One day I went to get one of the babies up from nap and found the child unresponsive. I immediately started CPR and called 911. Unfortunately the child didn’t make it. This became a changing point in my life. My depression overtook my life. I relied on the witchcraft to get me through once again. I ended up moving away from New Mexico and returned to Texas. I found out I was expecting another baby very soon after I moved to Texas. I was very upset and just knew I couldn’t take care of a baby after dealing with the death of the infant that died in my care. I knew God hated me and He was doing this to punish me. My pregnancy was a difficult one; I didn’t want to love this baby because I knew God was going to take my baby from me. After he was born I was obsessed with checking on him. I would see him asleep but all I could see was a dead baby. I would repeatedly snatch him up crying and screaming only to find out that he was actually just sleeping peacefully. I refused to hold him for fear that I would fall in love with him. And if I fell in love with him then I feared God would take him from me and it would hurt too bad. One day I couldn’t take it anymore, and for the first time ever in my life I prayed to God. I begged God to take my son now. I begged Him to stop torturing me, and to take him so I could start to heal. As I was praying I felt an arm wrap around my shoulders and comfort me. It was a very odd sensation and at the time I had no clue what I was feeling. Now I can look back and know that God was there with me that day, he comforted me, I also understand now that even though I had denied God, He still loved me. I began to realize that God was not going to punish me, I also began to fall deeply in love with my son. I began to talk to God, and on one occasion, I remember saying to Him, “I don’t know what is right, I don’t know where to go, please give me a sign to show me the way.” A couple of weeks later I had a friend witness to me. I argued with her and tried to tell her how she was wrong but every time I did she would just point me back to the scriptures. I had never even opened a bible so I had a hard time arguing with her when I didn’t even know where she was getting her information. On the way home that day I heard God speak to me out loud. He said “She was your sign”. I cried all the way home knowing that God had just answered my prayer. I started to go to church so I could start to understand the bible. As I started to pull away from witchcraft, I began to get attacked by demons. Satan realized he was starting to lose his hold on me. The demons terrorized me, I couldn’t sleep at night, and they plagued me in my sleep and while I was awake. They caused me great fear all of the time. Sometimes I would wake up at night and could see them standing over me. I spent many nights sitting on the couch holding a knife in complete fear. The closer I got to understanding what salvation was the worse the attacks got. This went on for 10 months. Yes it took me that long to get saved. I am the type of person that has to research and completely understand before I commit to anything. And then one day I finally accepted Jesus. Immediately, the years of pain, depression, fear, anxiety, etc, all washed away. God also did something for me that still astonished me; the demons that had terrorized me for almost a year were gone. I didn’t ask for Him to remove them He just did. That day He healed me completely. I still thank God when I look back at my horrible sins that I committed, and stand in awe that He could forgive someone as vile as me. I spat in His face but He still loved me and comforted me when I was at my lowest. That is a love that I still don’t understand. I am so very thankful that He didn’t give up on me. He won’t give up on you either.

Lisa Frazier


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