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Are You Paying Attention People? Are You Ready?

Check out our Forums page for the Safelights For Christ Web Forum. Let’s create a network to band together when everything goes dark and be there for each other. If you know of existing or coming safe havens, or if you want us to put down your information on our list to try and help when the world as we know it collapses then contact us. Molly Ryan is in charge of our Safelights program. You can find her email on the staff page, or you can message us on Facebook or Twitter. Scroll through for great info below. We will be updating regularly so come back and look periodically. You never know when we will post new survival information.

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Tribulation is coming!

To-Go Backpack: blanket   2. survival knife/tools   3.spile(water from trees)   4.rope  5.matches/liter (in Ziploc bag)   6. water purification tablets   7. canteen   8. tarp or small tent(optional)     9. feminine items(women’s)  10. cash(small bills)  11. bottle of water  12. MRE’s 13. flashlight  14. vitamins  15. first aid kit w/iodine  16. protein bars  17. flashlight(batteries)  18. Duct tape  19. emergency rain poncho  20. compass   21. glow sticks   22. can opener(hand or GI) 23. hand warmer  24. folding handsaw  25. folding shovel   26. breathing masks  27. small sewing kit  28.trauma scissors  29. toothbrush/paste  30. toilet paper  31. wash cloth  32. hand sanitizer  33. sleeping bag/blanket  34. change of clothes/shoes  35. anything helpful you can fit inside

Food & Water Items:

1. 1 gal per person/day water  2. canned tuna, chicken,etc. 3. canned chili’s/soups  4. long shelf-life emergency foods 5. dried pinto beans 6.dried rice 7. ramen noodles 8. canned vegetables/fruits  9. dehydrated fruits   10. protein(ex. beef jerky)  11. high calorie food bars  12. powdered milk  13. powdered eggs 14. powdered butter  15. canned spam/meat substitutes 16. dried legumes  17. cooking oil  18. lentils  19. oats  20. cinnamon  21. sugar  22. flint  23. signal mirror  24.  gloves  25.instant coffee  26.drink mixes (with added vitamin C preferably) 27. carnation breakfast shakes/ensure  28. pediasures(for kids)  29. long life juices(caprisun superv etc.)  30. enriched pastas  31. canned spaghetti sauce  32.canned pastas 33.honey  34.canned hams  35. canned tomatoes  36. olive oil

 Miscellaneous/other needs:

1. first aid kit  2.deoderant   3. toilet paper  4. hand sanitizer  5.toothpaste  6. mouthwash  7. shampoo 8. soaps  9. firewood   10. wood stove/pit  11. batteries  12. candles  13.fireproof pans (recommended cast iron)  14. paper plates    15. plastic utensils  16. trash bags  17. 5 gal bucket extinguisher  19. liquid detergent  20. prescription meds  21.infant supplies  22. powdered chlorinated lime ( for sanitation of sewage/waste)  23. extra glasses  24.denture needs  25. other medical supplies(diabetes strips, blood pressure cuff, etc.)  26. paper towels  27. guns/ammo  28. emergency funds (small bills-cash, gold or silver)  29. feminine needs  30. alt. heat source  31.barrels (water collecting)  32.water purification tablets  33. vitamins  34. print Bible  35. ability to trap, hunt or grow food


  These are some, by no means all, of the things one might need to think about in physically preparing for tribulation. Always have a plan A, B, C, D etc. When preparing think along the lines of being without power, in riots, war, nuclear war, house arrest, EMP attack, natural disasters, empty grocery stores, no ability to use money(economic collapse) or get to your bank accounts. Think of every different situation that could occur and be ready for it. Think of shelters that can be used, alternate heat/cooling sources, light sources, cooking without power, hygiene without running water,  toiletries, medications that are prescribed, special needs like diabetic test strips or a blood pressure cuff, how to dispose of wastes, feeding everyone and supplying clean drinking water, protecting the house and family, surviving on the run, and all situations that could be a possibility. Please add any additional suggestions in the comments.

  Emergency long shelf life food can be ordered from many places online and doesn’t have to consist of expensive kits or supplies. I got a great deal from on a lot of food that has a 10-25 year shelf life from $9-$30 for smaller packages. They contain up to 100 servings. Think casserole like dishes. For example: dehydrated spinach, carrots, onions, and chicken bouillon powder can be mixed with rice, a can of cream of chicken soup, and a can of chicken(similar to tuna) and cooked in one cast iron dutch oven over the fire and feed the whole family. Do not cook to have left overs but just enough to survive to make stockpiles last longer. Oatmeal, cinnamon, butter powder, and dehydrated fruits can be cooked in one pot and be a meal.


  Be prepared to leave quickly if need be. Have a plan for the family to meet somewhere with back-up plans in case of separation. Do not get on a bus and go to a “government shelter” or camp. Set up plans to continue worship/church amidst it all. These will probably be in home to find people who stick to the Word of God and not persuaded by false doctrine.  Have a talk with the family about what could happen during tribulation and the choice of the mark of the beast or being beheaded for Christ. Don’t let it be a surprise. These aren’t nice conversations but the Bible says the saints will be here for this and all must endure through it.

  Everyone’s faith must be strong enough not to deny Christ. Not everyone will die, but everyone must be prepared to. Jesus gave His life so that the world could have an eternity with Him in heaven. The least the saints can do is be willing to give their fleshly life to keep their eternal life. That’s why Matthew says if you love your life you will lose it and if you are willing to lose it you will keep it. The book of Genesis chapter 6 tells Noah to stockpile food and water for the last time God destroyed the earth. Matthew 24 tells us this time will be as in the days of Noah. So stockpiling is not an example of not trusting God to provide. He is providing by telling us to do this ahead of time. He did the same with Joseph in Egypt as well. Tribulation has already started for 65% of the world according to Evangelist Anita Fuentes ( and it will be here soon. Are you ready? Are you paying attention people?




Be Prepared Not Without!

Tribulation is coming!

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God bless you and may Jesus keep you.

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  1. Gather good quality gear is a great idea, but during this time, learn primitive survival skills, how to thrive with minimal gear. Also learn woodsman skills like the fur trappers did back in the 17-18th century, like using a wool blanket, flint and steel fire building methods, etc.

  2. Does any one know of safe havens in canada?

  3. Amber Albrecht

    Sis check out our safelights for Christ page where we have a forum to prepare for and discuss safe havens.

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