The Difference Between a Nephilim and a Cambion

This article is not for the light-believing, faint-hearted, or lukewarm Christian. This article is for those who want to learn and engage in seriously heavy spiritual warfare. Many do not want to go deeper and learn about what happens in the spirit realm as scripture calls us to. If you are one that does, then keep reading.

One aspect of the spirit realm is that there are many demons, fallen angels, and witches/warlocks running around there going against God's will and mandate and serving the kingdom of darkness. In this process they do unspeakable things. They kill people with cancers, abortions, miscarriages, disease, decay, and many other tactics. They torture people emotionally, physically, and mentally with thing in the spirit realm that manifest in the natural as pain, disease, mental illness and other issues. In order to do this, they must keep their armies populated. Satan's army doesn't just consist of 1/3 of the angels that fell. It is made up of demons, fallen angels, nephilim, cambion, principalities, powers, dominions, celestial and terrestrial bodies, elements of creation that the enemy has tainted, humans that serve the enemy either intentionally or by default, and much more. Demons can breed more demons. Fallen angels breed more nephilim spirits. There are many things going on to this day in the enemy lines.

Let's start with a basic definition of a few things. A demon is a disembodied spirit of a nonhuman creature. There is no human component to demons. They do not have their own bodies, which is why they seek to inhabit others.

A fallen angel is an angel that fell from the Lord's grace and rebelled against God. In the beginning 1/3 of the angels fell and followed Lucifer. It is my strong belief there are still angels being deceived and falling to this day, just as God still creates angels to this day. Angels, whether godly or fallen, have their own bodies. They can even manifest in the natural to be seen by man as men. Scripture tells us this in many places such as the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the message to Abram that Sarai will bear a child, and many other places. They do not seek to inhabit another body, and one cannot be demonized (inhabited) by a fallen angel. A fallen angel will be attached to a person, torture and torment a person, grow roots in a person and even declare right, but does not shed their body to inhabit the person's body. They will enter a person's system, violate their body, mind, soul, spirit, arche, star and timelines. They do not stay there like a demon though. They come and go as they please. This is why it is more difficult to cast a fallen angel out.

A nephilim is the offspring of a fallen angel and another living being. In Genesis 6, we see the nephilim created by fallen angels and human women. We also note that it says every imagination of the thoughts of man's heart were evil. This would include bestiality among men which they learned from fallen angels. As the Bible mentions the book of Enoch, we can refer to it (not as holy scripture, but a resource only for prayer and confirmation on) to see that fallen angels taught men all evil and also mated with animals. This means a nephilim is the offspring of fallen angels and anything including humans. I have a theory that this is where we see centaurs, minotaurs, and other "mythical" creatures rear their head in history.

This leaves the offspring of demons mixed with humans or animals to be something different. As a demon is not a fallen angel, their offspring would not be a nephilim. This offspring would be referred to as a cambion.

Demons such as incubus, rape, lust and many others as well as fallen angels and warlocks have been documented to rape or seduce women in their sleep, "dreams" (actually happening in the spirit realm and mistook for a dream), and even in awake hours. Afterward some even feel abdominal and female pains for a few days. It then suddenly goes away as it came. These are spirit pregnancies. Spirit pregnancies result in the production of nephilim, cambion, and spirit children respectively to the perpetrator of the act. These perpetrators can even claim to be a spirit husband in the realm. Asmodeous is a common demon to claim to be a spirit husband and can even deter the woman from having a marriage in the natural, or at least a happy and healthy one.

These are facts that only those extremely deep in deliverance ministry or victims have seen firsthand. For those that are one of the above, you know without a doubt that you have witnessed this. For those that have not tread into the deep waters of warfare, or have not been aware of such a spiritual attack on themselves then you may dismiss this article as false. However, I would implore you to seek the Holy Spirit on the matter before you refute it. If you would like further training on how to deal with this issue in deliverance ministry, as it is especially prevelant in those that are SRA victims, then I recommend our Advanced Spiritual Warfare Training Advanced Spiritual Warfare Series 3 Disc Set For Download.

May the Lord guide you in your journey and show you the deeper waters in setting the captives free. If you feel this is an issue you are a regular victim of and are seeking deliverance in the name of Jesus, feel free to contact our deliverance ministry via @fearnoevilministries on Facebook, @fearnoevilminis on Twitter, or via email at and let us know you would like to seek deliverance.

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