Demonology Series: The Spirit of Lilith

The spirit of Lilith is very sneaky and can often be confused with Jezebel as she shares some of the characteristics of the Jezebel spirit. Lilith can come in through receiving an abortion, generational curses, soul ties, or other sexual sin. She can enter through other sin but is most prevalent to come through open doors in the above areas. Lilith is ruthless and will not leave without deliverance or the hand of God.

Lilith is known as the mother of demons. She is related to the succubus spirit. She can and will behave like a succubus, however she goes much further than succubus ever will. She prefers to be attached to women however, men are an easy target to get to the next woman and will attack men readily to lead them astray in sexual sin. Satanists refer to her as the wife of Samael, which is a fallen angel and not Satan. This is how she is known as the mother of demons. Biblically she is also noted as the screech owl. It is also what denotes where much of the retaliation and retribution comes from dealing with this demon, as she has much fallen angel backing. Demons do reproduce other demons as one manor of where they come from. Lilith however is not and was not Adam's first wife. Scripture does not lie or cover things up.

She has many characteristics that you may notice manifesting in a person she is attached to or in. Firstly, lets look at some of the less known qualities. Lilith, is also a type of vampire spirit. We will get into what that causes in just a moment. Just as there are many demons known as kings and princes of hell, Lilith is one of the queens of hell. She is quite conceited due to this fact. She herself hates human children. She is very lustful and haughty. She is disobedient and disrespectful of male authority. Lilith is also a witch, so she throws word curses, curses, operates in New Age, black magic, and also in divination and necromancy. This spirit also leaves behind barren land, famine in different areas of lives, and other signs.

Let's look at some of the signs of demonization concerning the spirit of Lilith. Lilith causes abortions, so someone who is pro-choice may be showing signs of Lilith. However, this alone is not nearly enough to determine Lilith is there as this is indicative of the enemy in general. Miscarriages are another sign of the presence of Lilith. She cannot stand human children or mankind at all so she seeks to prevent human reproduction as much as possible. With this battle, a woman may notice heavy, irregular or problematic monthly cycles. A person that is demonized or oppressed by her may notice an irregular presence of owls. Frequent illness in children can also be a sign of a generation Lilith. Due to the fact that Lilith is a vampire spirit, you may notice fatigue and exhaustion in this person. They may always seem drained. They may also constantly want attention in some way and be jealous of others regularly. Chaos will be present in their life instead of order, and they will cause chaos and confusion often as well. There may be marital problems due to the lack of biblical order in the house similar to what Jezebel causes. Women may be unwilling to submit to their husbands or other roles of male authority. A person may exhibit uncontrollable behavior. Strong delusional feminism is another sign of Lilith's presence. You may also see bisexual tendencies, attractions or curiosities. Lilith is commonly thought to be responsible for things such as SIDS and other infirmities that attack children under a year old or so. Please note that all these things do not need to be present for Lilith to be there, however you also cannot assume that you are dealing with Lilith based on one or two of these items either.

As always follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern what spirits you are dealing with or in bondage to. These lists of characteristics and signs of demonization are by no means exhaustive and there are many more. We hope this article has helped you to recognize and know your enemy enough to fight her and cast her out. If our articles have blessed you please consider giving a free will offering to help us continue the work through our donate page


  1. Thank you for writing about this. Do you have a Holy spirit prayer I can pray for deliverance from this?
    Vanessa Wilson

  2. Not specifically, however we do have mass deliverance videos on our YouTube channel. I believe some of them may call out Lilith.

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