Demonology Series: The Serpents, Part 1-Leviathan

In Part 1 of the serpents, we will address Leviathan. He is a chief among demons. Leviathan is a sea dragon and a marine spirit. he has scales so hard normal weapons can't pierce them and tentacles. He is fire breathing. Many may see this as fantastical. However the book of Job and Psalms also speak of leviathan. In the spirit realm, dragons are real and so are sea serpents and leviathan is both.

  Leviathan's characteristics include arrogance and pride of course. He is stubborn and usually rooted very deeply. He rarely travels alone as he is a chief. His companions may include the spirits of pride self-glory, haughtiness, python, trythladon, kundalini, fatigue, unfocused, distractions, slumber, religious spirits, and other marine spirits that smother and exhaust. There of course can be others when any demon is present but these are the most common in my experience. He will try to lure someone into a battle they may not be prepared for just to create attacks in their life. Leviathan commands several legions.

There can be many signs of the presence of Leviathan. However, Leviathan is very tricky and others will be tricky as well. They love to confuse a person as to what is there. Other demons may come together to show the signs of leviathan and visa versa. You will notice that the person has trouble focusing or wanting to read the Bible, pray or worship. When they try they may get very sleepy, frustrated or distracted. He is also known to cause back pain as well as headaches. Leviathan may make a person feel like they are drowning in what life is throwing at them, yet they still have trouble bringing it to the Lord. Another sign of leviathan being in the picture is pride. The people are very proud in some form. They may behave as though they are better than everyone else. They may boast about different things such as money, cars, clothes, house, dating conquests, or even how much they're involved in church or how many great things they've done. Leviathan will allow people to serve the body of Christ as long as they don't apply the Word in their own life. I had leviathan and was perfectly able to minister deliverance to others regularly with no complications but never wanted to work on me. I never wanted to spend the time to get help for me as I felt others were more important. Now that he is gone, I can see that I can't fight for others while I'm being weighed down either. When doing deliverance on someone with Leviathan, they will often get sleepy or fall asleep during the session. This is one of leviathan's tricks, though it is not exclusive to leviathan. Leviathan smother's your relationship with God in every way. He suffocates each part of your life until it is all falling apart. Leviathan then makes you believe it is every one else's fault rather than his, your own, or the enemy's. Leviathan will also make someone critical of others, as if that person can do no wrong but others can do no right. I am inclined to believe Leviathan coined the phrase "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." This demon will also cause financial issues by making someone constantly want to spend money to be "better" than everyone else. This gives the person more boasting rights in their mind which really just leads back to the pride Leviathan causes. Once he has smothered every aspect of your relationship with God, your prayer life, your Bible studies, he will then smother other areas such as: marriages, friendships, careers, ministries, finances and everything he can get his hands on. This keeps the person busy trying to justify their high levels of pride. If they're busy trying to replace friends, family, cars, etc., then they won't have time to rebuild their relationship with God or get freedom for themselves.

Leviathan is like a wet blanket on a fire. He weighs down and suffocates the fire right out of a person. When I face Leviathan, I typically follow the scripture in Job by asking the Lord to put hooks in leviathan's mouth and pull him out at some point in the deliverance. You can read more about leviathan in Job 41 and Psalm 74. Leviathan may not be the first thing that needs to leave when doing a full deliverance on someone, but he is certainly one of the first. How can anyone grow in the Lord when they don't want to even read the Bible and pray, or they exalt themselves above God. Leviathan is a nasty character and needs to be seen to quickly.



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