Demonology Series: The Serpents Part 4- Kundalini

To finish up our section on the serpents, we want to address kundalini. This serpent is most commonly known as a false holy spirit. This demon will make you think you have the Holy Spirit upon you when in fact it is a manifestation of a demon. This demon has actually been responsible for many in the body of Christ shying away from great moves of the Spirit of God. Many have just determined that if anyone shows anything that resembles a manifestation of the Holy Spirit then it must be a demon. Kundalini is a key factor in the false doctrine of cessationism.

This spirit speaks as though it were God speaking to a person giving them false prophecies or adding to ones God really did put forward. Kundalini works hand in hand with Jezebel in this way. This demon will also put on shows to back up its false words on occasion. She will do things like have the person bark like a dog or another animal behavior, bring snakes into the church, impart demonic tongues in place of tongues that are a gift of the Spirit, induce false visions and dreams, and more. She also imitates things that are also found with a manifestation of the Holy Spirit such as being drunk in the Spirit laughing or being slain in the Spirit and so on. Here is the difference. If the kundalini spirit is involved instead of the Holy Spirit first and foremost when you test the spirit it will fail. (See testing the spirit video on YouTube) Secondly, when someone goes down from kundalini rather than being truly slain in the spirit, it tends to be extremely dramatic drawing grand attention, possibly even flailing about on the floor or in someone's arms. If it is laughing, then it will be virtually uncontrollable and possibly even contagious as it would seem. It may even have an eerie sound to it. If this demon imitates being drunk in the Spirit, the person may be falling all over the place acting like an actual drunk person. If someone is truly drunk in the Spirit it doesn't look like a staggering drunk person walking around. They simply have so much of the Holy Spirit running through them they may be a little woozy at the power of God. Causing these false signs makes the body of Christ shy away from true moves of the Holy Spirit. This is the main goal of kundalini. If the church refuses to participate in supernatural moves of God then we are far less dangerous to Satan's kingdom.

Kundalini has been known to make feathers, jewels and gold dust appear to ensure the congregation that God is among them. This doesn't mean God cannot do this but God uses much greater miracles to confirm His message. If feathers start falling from the ceiling at church, good chance that's kundalini. This demon would much rather you listen to her speak than read your bible. She will convince you all you need is rhema word ( which is really just a demon talking and not actually rhema word of God) and that the logos or written word is inferior to the voice.

This demon wants to keep you distracted so you don't notice that it's her and not the Lord. She sends a person on wild goose chases instead of the Lord's assignments. The Lord may be sending you to work at a meager job so that you can bring the people there to hear the Gospel but kundalini sees to it you also have a job offer that makes you rich and you work constantly having no time to read your bible or go to church, much less have any kind of relationship with the Lord. Many will take the job that makes them rich.

Kundalini can gain access in several ways. The most common way is through yoga. Many do not realize that no form of yoga is ok for a Christian due to the fact that it is actual rituals to allow demons to enter from Hinduism. Yoga is meant to awaken the kundalini spirit. That is it's purpose. Yoga teaches that man is at one with divinity and we are not at one with God. In actuality Jesus died and was risen so we could be reconciled with God to even be in His presence because of our sin. Yoga is worship of idols and false gods, the main one being kundalini. during yoga the kundalini spirit takes its place where it commonly operates from on the spine and wraps around the mind taking control of the person and making the person completely demonized by this demon.

This demon is also spread by the laying of hands. If someone that has this spirit lays hands on you it can transfer and if you lay hands on someone the same can happen. This is because when you pray together you come into agreement with that person and their sin. if you allow someone to pray for you with the demon they are using the kundalini not the Holy Spirit and that is what is moving into you rather than the Spirit of the Lord. By giving them permission, you are inviting the demon in. This doesn't mean you should never let anyone lay hands on you. It means you should make it very clear in prayer before they do that anything that is not of the Lord God Almighty is not welcome, and that you are covered in the blood of Jesus. Pray that only the Holy Spirit be allowed to move and heal you and if any other spirit is there it is forbidden in Jesus name to operate around you or touch you.

Common tell tale signs of kundalini are jerking, twitching, shaking, itching, tingling, and crawling sensations in the arms and legs, desire to enter into new age practices such as chakras, crystals, horoscopes, tarot, psychics, transcendental or eastern meditation, acupuncture, holistic healing and other such practices. Trance like situations in worship or praise, rapid breathing or hyperventilation, visions, dreams and spirits speaking to you that don't line up with the word of God, and depression can also be signs. Look for pressure inside the head and headaches often, feelings of being one with nature, a false peace, love for everything (not agape love for people but every object, tree, flower etc.), and certain emotions dominating the person for short periods of time. This demon may also cause back problems, neck issues, and levitation towards hallucinogenic drug use.

Some of the ways this demon can get in will surprise many. Of course, Yoga is the most common way. You will also see it enter in the church itself by the acceptance of the false holy spirit aspect. We also see it enter through martial arts in some cases, drugs such as lsd(acid) and those that "open the third eye", any new age activity, any work with chakras, auras, transcendence, visiting Hindu temples, accepting gifts from this religion such as idol figurines etc, and participating in entertainment that is associated with this spirit. What we watch, read, listen to and participate in makes us susceptible to demonization. Movies such as the Shack, a Wrinkle in Time, Harry Potter, or others that involve magic, new age thoughts and practices affect our eye gates. Music such as the The Age of Aquarius for example are wrought with demonic influence from kundalini. any book, movie, song, play etc. that involves oneness, being your own god, transcending to another level, using anything that is a new age practice, or looking to a god that is not unnamed is usually a gateway for this demon. It isn't a Christian movie unless it names God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the God of Israel, or one of the many names from scripture that refers to the Lord.

This demon is by far one of the most dangerous spirits attacking us today because of the deception it has brought into the body of Christ. There are Christians straying into tarot, yoga, chakras, white magic and other abominations that is a direct result of the kundalini spirit. In turn it has massively affected the belief of true doctrine of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts that come with it. Many are not walking in their calling because of fear of kundalini, and others are walking in something that is all together not of God. Keep your eyes open for kundalini and don't let her stay.


  1. Can you be delivered from Kundalini?

  2. Amber Albrecht

    Absolutely you can.

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