Demonology Series: The Serpents Part 2- Python

In Demonology Series: The Serpents, Part 1,  we discussed leviathan and his characteristics and signs of this spirit's presence. Today in Part 2, we will discuss python. Python is a very common chief demon.

Python is a constrictor. He smothers aspects of a person's life and literally their body. Python is a very ugly spirit, though not as strong as leviathan. Python is very cunning and sneaky. He will invade different aspects of life and limb. He is not picky. Python is not very talkative, meaning he doesn't enjoy being in the spotlight. He would just assume not boast much and stay hidden in the grass like any snake. Python also tends to try and do battle on his terms, which can never be accepted. Python likes to whisper to people as well. He whispers and twists things people say to meet his own end goals. He uses these methods to convince people that what he is telling them is the truth. It's a prime example of that forked tongue at work. Python's characteristics are harder to explain as he doesn't like to be seen or known much. Hiding is one of his main defenses. It is sometimes difficult to get to him because he sends other demons up in front of him as to keep from being cast out. He is also quite known for coiling up and putting a person to sleep during deliverance, which is true of all the serpents. If needed python will coil around the lungs to cause breathing issues in order to attempt to stop the deliverance session. Python is known to lay eggs in a person thus resulting in a python manifestation as well.

There are many assignments and signs of the spirit of python. He is assigned to smother our prayer life and study of the Bible. He also, can be assigned to smother marriages, ministries, finances, relationships with believers for fellowship, and even health. Python can wrap around lungs, heart, spine, kidneys and other organs and body parts and squeeze the life out of them, causing organ failure, heart attacks, asthma, bronchitis, unexplained pains and inflammation, even explained pains and inflammation (doctors may say it's your weight or fluids etc) and more. Python has even been found to be why many can't quit smoking. He constricts around the lungs and squeezes until the person smokes a cigarette and then releases when they do, making them believe the pressure was simply a craving. Though I have not ran across it yet, I'm sure he can do the same with drugs and other addictions. This demon will make someone focus on anything but God. He tries to keep people busy doing every thing else. He makes them want to overspend and be in debt so that they must work harder and longer to overcome the debt leaving them less time for a relationship with God and exhausted. If Python does lay eggs in someone, they may notice stomach pains and ulcers, back pains, leg pains etc. Someone may notice dizziness often or nausea issues after they hatch due to the venom these sprits release. Python can also be responsible for infirmities due to his venom. He can and will bite, especially if you try to get rid of him and give up before he is gone. Unlike some species of pythons, like boa constrictors, in the natural  realm, python does have poisonous venom.

This enemy spirit is especially sensitive to praying in tongues as it causes him great pain. He will leave faster if he hears this. It breaks his focus. Praise and worship is also very valuable against python and this is why he discourages it in the people he is attached to. He can't bear the sound of it. It weakens him as well. some people feel python slither through their body during deliverance as he tries to hide in different places. they may be nauseous one minute feeling air bubbles in their stomach and the next have back spasms and then a headache. Many often feel tightness in the chest as well. These things all seem to be alleviated once python is cast out. Python is very slippery. Listen to the Holy Spirit when dealing with this demon, as with all, and let Him guide you. Do not stop the battle until he is gone if at all possible. Always ask for angels and have your sword and shield ready, not forgetting to keep the armor of God on at all times by literally praying to put it on. Hope this is helpful and God bless you.


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