Different Types of Demonic Attack

There are a lot of Christians that do not know much about demons, how they work, and the constructs of the enemy's kingdom. This is because the church just simply doesn't teach on this anymore. It may be because they're too worried about losing members. They would rather tickle ears. It may be because they were never taught and simply don't know. It may be because they fear even speaking about the enemy gives him power. There could be any number of reasons as to why they don't teach this subject. However, we are in a war and how can we expect to fight a war, even one that is already won, without knowing and understanding the enemy that we fight. Let's look at the different ways the enemy attacks a person.

There are 4 basic forms of attack from demons: outside air attacks, counter attacks, oppression, and demonization. All attacks fit into one of these categories whether there is an open door or not. Today we will break these down to explain what they are. As we discussed in some of our sermons,  Christians most certainly can be affected and have demons to some extent. So, let's look at these different types of attack.

First is the basic outside air attacks. a demon may be passing by on its way to another destination in the spirit realm and find it funny to attack. This demon may never bother you again, or it may be pass by every now and then and annoy you. These attacks are usually fairly minor. They may constitute anything from causing you pain in certain areas to initiating an infestation of bugs on your property. The possibilities are really limitless as to what they may use as an attack. However, these attacks do not usually cause long-term damage. For instance, you can spray the yard and the bugs are gone or pray over the pain and be fine tomorrow. Many times the person has not even opened a door to allow the enemy to attack them. There could be a leyline passing close to where you were attacked.The demons are simply doing what Satan's minions do. Attacking and running like the cowards they are.

The next form of attack we will discuss is counter attacks. These attacks consist of planned and executed attacks coming specifically for you. They do not hang around after ward in most cases. They are from the outside and are a result of something you did to upset the enemy. For example, you may have prayed with a young girl that was in the occult and brought her to Jesus. You just took a bite out of Satan's kingdom and there is a good chance he will retaliate for it. Pray daily against any retaliation from the enemy for anything you do in your walk with the Lord to help avoid these attacks. These attacks can last longer. They will go on until you have won the battle in spiritual warfare. They are still from the outside though and temporary.

The third form of demonic attacks are oppression. This is where these labels can get confusing. Oppression is a demonic attack from the outside. It is still a situation like the other two where the demon has not gotten on the inside. Now, some will say if you have a demon in your body then you are oppressed because you're a Christian. THIS IS NOT TRUE. If the demon has gotten in your body or soul, then it is in and it is no longer oppression. Oppression is a state where the demon has not gained access to the inside of your body, soul or spirit. Oppression is still just basic spiritual warfare and rebuking needed to drive the demon away. When you are oppressed by a demon, the attacks are regular and don't seem to go away. You can pray, bind and rebuke them and it stops temporarily but are eventually attacked again in the same manner. The demon may be attached to the land you are on, or one of your possessions. It may even be attached to someone you associate with. Therefore it attacks you regularly, but it isn't attached to you so it is still oppression.

Now, once the demon has found a crack, an open door of sin, iniquity, generational curse line etc., then you step into another area. The problem here is, most people use the words possessed by a demon. This is a very misleading and inaccurate terminology. No a Christian cannot be possessed because we don't even belong to ourselves. We belong to Jesus. However, a demon can get into a Christian's body and soul just as it can a non believer's. The difference being a demon cannot enter our spirit as it can a nonbeliever's because our spirit is sealed with the Holy Spirit. They are still the same thing though. The demon has made its way inside. He found the way in period. This is called demonization. In this case, the demon must be cast out, the doors that it entered through closed, and other things addressed. Once you are demonized, you will find the attacks just don't stop. As time goes by they get worse and harder to fight. Let's use the spirit of addiction for an example, and he is using alcohol to attack. You were never much of a drinker, but you drank occasionally at parties. You found yourself drinking more often. Then one night at a party you allowed yourself to become completely drunk. You opened the door with drunkenness and revelry. The demon got in. The next thing you know over the next year you feel compelled to drink more and more. By the end of the year, You are drinking and getting completely drunk several times a week. It's causing problems in your life and you say hey I have to stop this. So you decide to quit, but the harder you try the more you can't. You have lost control over it. This is when demonization has gotten to where the demon has a good bit of control over you. As you can see, at first, the demonization was just compulsions, but soon moved to a state of lack of control as the demon that has you demonized has built an unholy stronghold in your mind. For some they may not even realize there is a problem and continue the downward spiral. This shows you not only demonization but the various levels of demonization.

The four main types of attacks from the demonic are all able to be dealt with. If you are not familiar with spiritual warfare and feel you are under attack and need help. Seek out your pastor or elder, or seek a deliverance minister or ministry. We here at fear no evil ministry are highly trained in deliverance as well. We specialize in deliverance for those escaping the occult and Satanism. If you need help feel free to email us. Our services are free as we do not believe in charging for God's work. We do accept donations if the Lord leads you. Email us at fearnoevilministries@outlook.com or fill out the form below.

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