Do You Want to Grow in Your Walk?

We are more than pleased to announce the introduction of our discipleship program. Please join us to learn more about God's Word, gifts of the Spirit and how to operate in what you were given, offices in the five fold ministry, and so much more. The Lord is creating a space where we can learn together and grow in knowledge, assignments from the Lord, and go deeper with Him, taking our place in our callings and anointings. We have trivia contests for prizes as an extra reward to those that are studying God's Word with us. We are diving into things the church buildings don't have time to teach in the limited time they have with the congregation.  We will be discussing gifts of the Spirit, redemptive gifts, offices, deliverance, prophecy, healing, the Acts church, walking in the Spirit, mantles, commissions, anointings, baptisms, and so much more. We welcome baby and mature Christians that want to go deeper with the Lord as we all should. Come join the fun and bring your friends. We are set up on Facebook. Click this link and send us a request to join the group. 


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