What Is Included In Occultism?

Occultism, not to be confused with merely cults, though cults are a form of occultism, is an open door to demonization, oppression, and literally invites Satan and his minions into your life. Many don't even realize they have involved theirselves in occult practices. A large number of Christians participate in occult practices daily without even realizing they are serving the Devil. Trust me when I say you don't have to know you are serving Satan to do his bidding.

So what things are considered occult practices? What are the doors many people open to demons that they are not aware of. In this article, we look at some of the things that fall into the category of occult practices. Satan uses these things to pull Christians away from God, allow demonic activity and attacks in their life, and terrorize them. If you have been involved in any of these practices, you need to renounce them immediately and seek deliverance for the demons that may have entered or attached through the open doors. See our renunciation prayer by clicking here Breaking the Chains: A Prayer to Renounce Sin. If you don't believe me think about the attacks or bad situations such as illness, finances, marriage troubles, nightmares etc. that have increased in your life and see when they started. You will find it was near the time that you involved yourself with these practices or when one of your parents began to involve themselves in such things by which you inherited the generational curse line from. If it is a generational curse line you can break that with the prayer in Why Does This run in My Family?

Occult practices range from obvious down to very subtle things in our lives. Some we can say that there is apparent danger to being involved in. Others can appear harmless and have even infiltrated the church itself because as scripture says we perish for lack of knowledge. Today we will gain some knowledge on the subject lest we perish from the demonic strongholds being created due to the open doors of occult practices in our lives.

There are many new popular trends that are occult and allow the enemy to attack us. The New Age movement is a very widely approached trend, but this movement has one look to powers that aren't from God. If something doesnt come from God it surely comes from Satan whether its obvious or not. Here are some other movements, some even taught in our colleges, that are just as dangerous: Human Potential Movement, I am my own I am movement, Open Spirituality movement, Enlightenment movement and others that do not put the focus on God and His Word alone.

There are other trends that are not considered movements that are spreading like wildfire as well. Mystical practices not openly attached to the name of Satan are also occult and invite the spirit of witchcraft, deception and others. Holistic healing which concentrates on healing the whole self is an open door and occult. If one uses spirit guides, cosmic wisdom, asking the universe, transcendental meditation, or expanding human potential such as stem cell therapies and research then they open occult doors as well. These invite in spirits of deception witchcraft, familiar spirits, infirmity, kundalini, leviathan, lying spirits, python and many more.

The most common trends, that have even infiltrated the church, are the most dangerous. Eastern meditation is a highly dangerous outlet for the enemy to come in our lives. What does Eastern Meditation include. It isn't just sitting down and chanting ohhmmm. Eastern meditation comes in several forms: Tai Chi, Yoga, martial arts, weight loss meditations, addiction relief meditations and more. Tai Chi and Yoga both come from false religions. For example Yoga is made up of ritual movements from the Buddhist and Hindu religions. These movements are said to open the body to peace, tranquility and being at one with everything. What Yoga really is, is a ritual to open the body, soul and spirit to demonic possession, better referred to as demonization, and invites Satan and his demons to come in the door we just opened. When you enter a Hindu temple to "worship and pray" you ask the monk to enter into a state in which he calls upon certain spirits to enter him and speak to you to answer your questions. These spirits are demons and fallen angels. They refer to them as divine nymphs. Yoga used to bring one to a peaceful state to make the monk more susceptible for the nymph to communicate. They also use drugs and alcohol to appease these nymphs so they will communicate. The demon literally takes over the monks body and speaks. This is the purpose of Yoga and no matter what your purpose is for it, it prepares the body soul and spirit for demonization and oppression. Martial arts and the meditation that goes with it works the same way so that demons can enter on the basis of helping with strength, speed, agility and other aspects but in actuality they just want a way in. The spirits of anger, rage, and many others enter.

A large number of Christians involve themselves in the occult through divination.  Whether one is on the giving or receiving end of divination doors are still opened and demons still come in. The problem is some are blatant forms of divination and some are more subtle and sneaky like the snake in the garden of Eden. Psychics, tarot cards, mediums, seances, fortune telling, palm readings, reading of tea leaves, runes, and crystal balls are the most commonly know forms of divination. Not only should you not do these things but you should also not allow someone to to do these thing for you. These invite in the spirit of divination, witchcraft, deception, and more for all of them in general. Mediums and seances also invite in the spirit of necromancy in addition because your intention is to speak to dead people even though you aren't. You are really speaking to demons pretending to be dead people. so it knew things only your grandfather would know. guess what demons and the Devil know everything that happens in everyone's life because they are watching waiting for a chance to attack.

Now there are forms of divination that Christians tend to participate in that seems harmless fun to them but any participation no matter your intention opens the door. These begin with but are not limited to horoscopes, clairvoyance, white magic such as lighting incense or candles for blessings, lucky charms, superstitions, ouija boards and other games that are summoning demons (many of which are favorites at slumber parties for our children unfortunately): light as a feather stiff as a board, bloody mary, candyman, charlie charlie, etc. Many of these games only work because demonic powers create hallucinations or actually reveal themselves in the physical realm. These last games listed invite in the spirit of fear, terror, hallucinations, nightmares, and and others as well as actually open portals for the demons to enter. The ouija board works because a demon, not a ghost, moves the pointer. That demon then attaches itself to the people involved in the game in each situation.

There are also less common things that are attached to the occult but must still be renounced, repented of and the doors and demons attended to. These include ESP, telepathy, astral projection, Shamanism, and any power or gift that didn't come from the God. Any type of magic is witchcraft and occultism. Any type of travel in the spirit realm where you leave your body and go to other places when the Lord didn't send you is astral projection. This is witchcraft whether it is realized or intended or not.

There are many avenues to the occult. Satan will trick anyone he can into thinking it is acceptable and even fun for a Christian to participate in because he wants that open door to get at us. the Bible tells us not to give the devil place. This doesn't just mean Satan. The Greek word used here that was translated into devil in the King James Version of the Bible actually more accurately in today's modern times means demons. We aren't supposed to open doors to allow them in. Doors are opened when we participate in any activity habitually that is considered sin and also when just once we participate in any occult or witchcraft practice, use drugs, commit murder, or have traumatic events in our lives that we don't allow God to heal. There is a reason it is forbidden. It is to protect us. Before the New Covenant when Jesus  gave us power and authority in His name to cast out these demons Israel's instructions were to stone anyone that participated in witchcraft and occult activities because of the doors it opened to the people. Now we have forgiveness and authority in Christ. We can take authority over the spirits that come in through these activities. If you have read this and realized you or your parents have been involved in occult activity please follow the links to the prayers to renounce them and break the generational curse lines. Any generational curse lines leaves an open door for not only you but your children, grandchildren and all the way down until it is broken as the Bible says God will visit the iniquity of the fathers on their children for generations to come. After you have done that please seek deliverance from someone trained in deliverance ministry to help you be rid of what entered through that open door.

I hope this has been informative and helpful to many.  If you are seeking a deliverance minister, our ministry offers these services free of charge to any in need. Please contact us by messaging us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or emailing us today. fearnoevilministries@outlook.com is our email address. May God bless you and Jesus keep you.

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