If I Can’t Find It In the Bible Does That Mean It Can’t Be True?

Hey Everyone. I just wanted to write a quick excerpt. This isn't so much an in depth article or a bible study. It isn't prophecy or a word from the Lord. It isn't a vision or some great revelation. What this is, is a measure of common sense and the Lord saying to me to tell everyone to stop being so religious and full of pride that we can't learn from the Holy Spirit as we do God's Word. There is the logos Word of God which is our Bible. It is perfect. It is not the source of confusion and it doesn't contradict itself when read by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit must be part of everything we do in our lives. With that said, there are many that are forgetting to listen to the Rhema Word of God. We all hear God's still small voice if we listen. The Bible says so. There is scripture for that. Now if we hear His voice and we test the spirit and we know it's the Lord speaking why do we then ignore that word if we can't find it in scripture. There are many things that aren't addressed in scripture. That doesn't mean they are valid, true and real. Computers exist but you won't find any evidence of them in scripture, and they are good tools. They are not from the enemy, and they don't need to be kept out of our lives. Potato chips exist, and they are delicious. You can go to the store and buy them, but you won't find them in scripture. Television is a real thing and can be used mightily to spread the gospel, as well as the internet, but guess what, neither can be found in the Word of God. The same can be said for many things: wi-fi, board games, exercise equipment, T.V. dinners, ice cream, vacation and so much more. These are good things in in life if used properly. They are not of the enemy. We need to stop discrediting teachings, words, visions, and other things that are the Rhema Word of God simply because they can't be found in the Bible. The only thing we need to look for in the Bible over things of this manner is "Does this go against scripture?" If there is no scripture against the matter, and we tested the spirit when it spoke by asking the Lord to say Jesus is come in the flesh, then take the Rhema Word to heart. Learn from it. The Bible has many verses for us to learn from on deliverance but many things the Holy Spirit teaches us through actually performing the ministry. They aren't clear and apparent in the Word until after you have put them in practice and then you notice in the Bible that wow, it said it all along. I just didn't see it until I had experienced the situation. We are a body of Christ for a reason as well. The Lord gives us each puzzle pieces. The body of Christ is to work together and move as one. We aren't supposed to rely on only what the Lord gives us only. Each of our gifts are for edifying the whole body of Christ. So, if a brother or sister in Christ gets a word from the Lord and it goes against something you have been taught, then take it to the Lord and ask Him to confirm it and test the spirit. Don't dismiss it. Many churches are teaching false doctrine. If this weren't the case, we would all agree the Bible says the same thing. There would be no arguing in the church. No one is above correction. Be willing to be corrected, especially by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will speak to us and if we don't hear Him He will send others in Christ with a message to us in the form of a Rhema Word. We must be open to hearing that Word, even if you can't give scripture for it. With an attitude of "It can't be correct if it isn't in the Bible" we miss valuable information and we wouldn't have potato chips or Netflix. God bless you and may Jesus keep you.

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