Breaking the Chains: A Prayer to Renounce Sin

Before you can say the prayer to renounce sin in your life, you must know what the sin in your life has been. Let's look at a list of sins that need to be renounced even if they have been repented of. Repenting and renouncing are 2 different things. Repenting is asking forgiveness and changing your ways to not behave in that way anymore. Renouncing is stating that you are no longer associated with it and promising the Lord to never do it again. Though they're similar, they both need to be done. Confessing our sins in such a way before the Father opens a path to many things such as healing, deliverance, and a closer deeper relationship with the Lord. It never hurts to do this more than once. We are not required to confess our sins to a priest but we are required to confess them before the Father. Here are different areas of sins and how they should be confessed:

abortion- confessed as murder (includes counseling someone else to have an abortion

murder- Matthew tells us even hate in the heart makes us guilty of murder

adultery - Matthew also tells us lust in the heart after another makes us guilty of adultery

fornication - sex outside of marriage (which the lust in the heart would apply here as well for an unmarried person)

theft - extortion, cheating, manipulating someone into giving something to you should also be confessed as theft


bearing false witness - lying for the purpose of witnessing someone doing something(ex. I saw John cheating on his test. - but in actuality he didn't)

involvement with the occult - this has a vast expanse included and is explained in another article


witchcraft - including placing curses on people ( ex. you will never amount to anything.- This is a word curse. You are speaking bad things over this person. According to Proverbs 18:21 there is power in the tongue. whether you realize it or not you just participated in witchcraft. It must be confessed as such), burning candles for health prosperity etc., any type of magic (black magic, wiccan magic, white magic is all demonic), séances, speaking to the dead, Ouija boards, bloody mary and light as a feather games, crystals for healing, health, wealth etc. adjusting auras, shakras etc.



false religion- Mormonism, idol worship (including praying to mary or the saints, making video games, television your priorities, etc.), Buddhism, Hinduism, Satanism, luciferianism, wicca, shamanism, harry krishnas, Greek, Roman, Icelandic false gods, Islam/Muslim, etc.

false doctrine - too many to go into; if you aren't sure feel free to message us and ask - here are a few, Once saved always saved, prosperity gospel, must speak in tongues to be saved, hypergrace, etc....


persecuting believers - from slander all the way to murder

drugs, drunkenness, addictions - confessed as drunkenness and idolatry

fighting not in self defense - confessed as fierceness

partying - confessed as revilery, drugs, drinking, sexual sins in a party like setting

homosexuality - confessed as perversion and sexual sin

pornography - confessed as lust and perversion

masturbation - sexual sin, fornication (sex with yourself is still sex before marriage)/adultery (sex outside of your marriage partner)

exotic dancing/flashing people - confessed as lewdness and revilery

After you have made your list fill that in the blank in this prayer.


I humble myself at Your feet. I have come into Your presence Lord to address matters where I have failed You. Lord I repent (and/or) renounce the following sins that have been a part of my life. I confess the sins of ________________________________


and completely renounce them all now. They will no longer be part of my life. Please break every chain associated with these sins now Lord  and close every door that was opened because of them. Lord if there are any sins I cannot remember I confess them now and ask You to reveal them to me. Please help me to rid my life of everything that is not of You. I must decrease but You must increase. Lord I renounce all sin and works of the flesh in my life now. Please help me and teach me to walk in the Spirit. Lord I also ask you to break any chains of these sins that will lead down to my children and grandchildren and become generational curse lines. Let all my sins be broken with me here and now. Lead me on a path of righteousness and truth. If there is any false doctrine I am living by please show me truth now and help me to recognize it when You send one of Your other servants to correct me. Let me be open to correction if I need it so that I may continue to grow in Christ daily and die to self. Lord help me to test the spirits as Your Word says and accept Your truth and not the devil's lies. Lord I praise Your Holy Name and lay these things at Your feet. I surrender them to You. Help me to forgive myself of these things as well and to forgive others any trespasses against me so that I may continue to walk in Your forgiveness. I thank You in advance Lord because I know it is already answered. Thank You Lord. In Jesus name I ask Amen.

 May God bless you and Jesus keep you.


  1. Thank you and repented and renounced all my sins from this prayer . I appreciate and like this ministry .

  2. I used this prayer to repent and renounce all sin in my life. I am a free man in Christ!

  3. Toy Roxanne / Mrs John Wash

    Can you please more clearly explain your comment about false doctrine – here are a few,

    Once saved always saved, prosperity gospel, must speak in tongues to be saved, hypergrace, etc….

    Are you saying that it’s not true that once we truly receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord that we are not saved once and for all? Maybe I’m misunderstanding your stance, but what our Savior did on the cross finished it once and for all…thus, then when I accepted by God’s grace of Jesus as my Redeemer, my Savior and my sin debt payer, I was saved as I placed my complete faith upon Jesus.

    At the same time, also want to thank you all very much for this very important information of not just repenting but also renouncing (& all that we need to take to our Father) of my sins.

    My husband and I have been Christians for nearly 30 years and have been through many blessings and trials…however, in the last almost 4 years we have not had our Father answer our very needed prayer for my husband to regain employment…I am wondering what all might we need to further renounce as our need to keep our house, roof over our head, food on table, have health insurance for our many very needed serious health needs, our finances to be restored so we can again pay our, tithe, give, pay for medical needs and to give…

    We are in a critical situation and I want to seek God’s truth and thus how to handle His way.

    We would GREATLY appreciate your prayers and your responses.

    God bless you all and your ministry,
    Mrs. John Wash

  4. We are saved by grace and it is a gift not earned. It is a gift we accept. However like any gift we can give it back. If someone were to accept salvation and redemption through Christ and then later renounce their faith and become a satanist or Buddhist etc then they have chosen to give up their salvation and renounce Jesus. When we make a conscious choice to do so we can lose our salvation. We have a sermon on this for better explanation on our YouTube channel. As for the other you or your husband may be in need of deliverance. There may be something blocking your finances. For more info contact our deliverance department at and our services are completely free.

  5. I am so very happy that God led me to your page!! I was looking up the meaning of renounce, and then i came across your page.!! How wonderful it was to read your information on renouncing and denouncing and repentance!! It was just what i needed!! I went through your list of sins and i wrote from that list of sins that i needed to confess, ask forgiveness, and repent of , then i said the prayer out loud and filled in the blank! I feel so good, so cleansed, and free!!! Thank you for putting all if the teachings up there for people everywhere to see! Please tell me how i can sow into your ministry!!

  6. Amber Albrecht

    God bless you. We are so happy we could help. You can make a donation by clicking on the donate page and following instructions there.

  7. Are you suppose to read this prayer outloud?

  8. Are you suppose to read this prayer out loud?

  9. It doesn’t hurt, but it isn’t a must. It always helps when the enemy hears you renounce it all though. Sometimes they give up and leave before you kick them out when they know it’s coming.

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