Breaking: Prophecy Is Coming Forth

As many of you know President Donald Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the US Embassy be moved to Jerusalem. Now of course the embassy will take months to move and will not be in Jerusalem until 2018. Many realize that this is very significant in prophecy. However, it may be more important in prophecy than most have noticed.

Let's look at some points in the Bible, historical and current events, and some study on prophecy. First we have come to see that prophecy is cyclical. It repeats itself in cycles. The prophecy for Israel in Isaiah 9 is now coming to pass for America. That's another topic all together.

When the prophecy against Judah was completed and they were carried away to Babylon Jeremiah prophesied that they would return to Jerusalem after 70 years of paying for their sin. Daniel then goes to the Lord in prayer and supplication repenting for the sins of the people and declaring an end to the 70 years that Jeremiah prophesied. At this point King Cyrus commanded that Nehemiah return to Jerusalem with the people that wished to return with him. At the end of the 70 years of captivity, Judah built the second temple and repaired the breaches by the hand of the Lord in Jerusalem. This is found in the books of Jeremiah, Daniel, and Nehemiah in the Old Testament.

Let's consider for a moment that this prophecy has recycled again. We can look at prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled and see that a third temple will be built in Jerusalem so that the antichrist can stand in it and declare himself to be God, lying saying he is God come to save us. The book of Revelation in chapter 11:1-3 tells not only will there be another temple but Jerusalem will be divided and half will belong to the Gentiles and half to the Jews. Now this is clearly talking about the two-state agreement coming between Israel and Palestine. Jerusalem will be divided and that is the stipulations of the peace deal. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem. Trump's announcement has declared to the world Israel's sovereign right to Jerusalem. Many have called President Trump the recycling of King Cyrus. King Cyrus ordered the rebuilding of the temple or the second temple in Jerusalem to end the 70 year captivity of the tribes of Judah Benjamin and half of Levi. The Jews we know today are of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and half of Levi because the other tribes were lost. No one knows who they are. Once again a king from another nation has declared Israel's return to Jerusalem. Not only has it been declared but the time frame lines up as well. Israel was reborn as a nation in 1948. When the embassy moves to Jerusalem it will be 2018. That is 70 years from the rebirth of Israel until Jerusalem was officially freed from captivity in the world's eye. Jerusalem was regained in 1967 in a physical sense but the world didn't recognize it. The year 1967 was a Jubilee year on the Hebrew calendar. which means the Jewish people return all that was sold or taken to the rightful inheritance owners. This lines up with regaining control of Jerusalem in 1967. Every 7 years is a Sabbath year and every 7 Sabbath years is like a super Sabbath with the following year being the year of Jubilee. Physical control of Jerusalem was returned to Israel in the last Jubilee, 1967. In 2017, which is Jubilee again, the foremost world power and recycled king Cyrus (Donald Trump) has returned sovereignty of Jerusalem and declared it the capital to the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi just as in the first prophecy cycle.However the prophecy if recycling isn't complete yet.

With this prophecy the very next thing would be the rebuilding of the temple or the building of the third temple which prepares the way for the great tribulation. The great tribulation, or last 3 1/2 years of tribulation, begins when the antichrist breaks the 7 year peace agreement, or covenant with Israel, and stands in the temple and falsely declares himself to be God that everyone has worshiped all along. It is called the abomination that causes desolation. It is spoken of in Daniel 9, Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 and elaborated on as blaspheming God in Revelation 13:6. Tribulation, the seven year period of Jacob's trouble, begins when the covenant with many is signed that divides Jerusalem. This will be the two-state agreement between Palestinians and Israel. We know the antichrist will also sign this treaty and broker the deal. The Bible tells us that when they say peace and safety then the end will come. The antichrist will most likely be revealed at this time and the 3rd temple rebuilt. According to the prophecy of Jeremiah being recycled now that the 70 year captivity of Jerusalem has been ended we will see the temple rebuilt and this will not take 46 years as it previously did. With modern technology we are looking at a year or less to rebuild and the blueprints and plans are already complete. Everything needed for the temple is ready, made, and in storage at the Temple Institute in Israel. The priests are already chosen and have their robes. They are already sacrificing on Passover and such. We are seeing prophecy unfold before our eyes.

Jeremiah's 70 year prophecy was just completed. A portion of it was completed when President Donald Trump announced and signed US policy declaring Jerusalem as the infinite capital of Israel and declared moving the embassy. Now that this prophecy is fulfilled the command will go forth as in Nehemiah to build the third temple. The two-state agreement will be signed and determined so they can decide where to build the US embassy. Then the temple will be raised and the two witnesses will come forth. Prepare your houses. Sound the trumpet in Zion. The end is coming. Church wake up. Rise up and bring revival. It starts in us and we must bring the lost sheep home before it's too late. Tribulation is upon us.

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