God Has the Answer

I said Lord I’m tired. He said I will give you rest. I said Lord I’m weak. He said I will give you strength. I said Lord they hate me. He said they hated me too. I said Lord I don’t have the words. He said I will speak through you. I said Lord I don’t know how. He said I will give you knowledge. I said but Lord what do I do with it. He said I will give you wisdom. I said Lord I don’t know which way to turn. He said I will guide you. I said Lord I feel like I’m dying inside. He said good I can move in and we can get started. I said Lord I have no control. He said surrender it to me. It doesn’t matter what is bothering us or where we fall short. It doesn’t matter how much we think we are capable of or how worthy we are. The blood of Jesus makes us worthy. His strength helps us stand. He will order our steps. There no reason or excuse we can make to God. He knows better. We have to die to flesh and be born again in the spirit and baptized in the Holy Spirit and yield our lives to Him. He can use anyone or anything and He is able. His grace is sufficient for us. We need only obey, not look for a reason not to. It will be hard, but He is with us every step of the way. He loves us with a love we can’t possibly comprehend. He is there for us always. He will never forsake us. Even when we don’t hear, feel, or see Him, He is there. Trust Him. He has every answer. Stop thinking of reasons why you can’t and just realize He can. We cannot mess things up so bad He still can’t get it done. He knows our every step and already compensated for our shortcomings. He is worthy. He is smart enough to use you anyway. It’s not about me or you. It’s about the kingdom. It’s not about what we can’t do. It’s about what He can do. It’s not about our opinion of ourselves. It’s about what He made us to be. We are beautiful. We are loved. We are forgiven. We are His children. Step into your place. Answer His call. He is with you in the deep waters. Grace and peace to you all.

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