Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

When it really gets deep and you can’t keep your head above water...

When the pain is so great you’re done crying...

When the path is so unclear you can’t even tell it’s there...

When you have no clue what to do, where to go, how to act...

When you feel lower than you have ever felt...

When it seems there is no way out...

And no end in sight....

When you didn’t know your heart could break in that many pieces so quickly and over and over again....

When doubt and jealousy creeps in...

When fear tries to take over....

When all you have known is gone...

When what you thought was your future is ripped from you...

When your dreams shred apart...

When darkness is all around you...

And your world is crashing in around you


God tears it down in order to build something greater.

He breaks us before He molds us.

He made us to be exactly who He wants us to be not who we want to be.

There is nothing to fear.

He will light your path. He will show you the way.

He will be with you every step.

He will not falter.

He will not fail.

He made you unique and for a very special purpose and equipped you to do it. He doesn’t make mistakes.

He made you in His image. You are beautiful.

He is with you in the deep waters.

He exalts those that are the lowest and most abased.

He knows your destination and how to get you there. The when, why, how, who... He is the Way.

He built your heart in the first place and no matter how many pieces it is in He can put it back together like new and probably will make it better.

Many times the way isn’t out, but through the fire and He is with you in it. You are not alone.

When you can’t see the end, it’s ok because He does and we don’t walk by sight. We walk by faith.

If what you had is gone it was no longer part of the plan. He can take care of it better than you can. Hand it over to Him.

That wasn’t your future. What lies ahead of you is. What He has next for you is your future. It may not be the one you thought but that’s why we aren’t God and He knows best. He knows all.

He will give You new dreams, new hopes, new desires, His desires.

You are not called to be part of this world. You are simply in it. This is not your home. He is building a house for you and it isn’t here.

Weeping may last the night but joy comes in the morning.

It always gets darkest before the dawn and He is the Light.

So stand having done all to stand.

Abide in the True Vine.

Walk. Even when you don’t know where walk. Put one foot in front of the other. Towards the sound of His voice, keep moving. Walk. Walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. When you can’t walk let Him carry you.

Don’t give the devil an inch. Fight with the sword of the Spirit.

Keep your armor on. Keep your head held high. You are a child of the One True King.

Your foundation and feet are on the Rock of ages and when the storm comes that house will stand. It will not fail.

You are royalty, a fellow heir with Christ. You are seated in heavenly places. Jesus lives in you. The same power that raised Him from the grave is in you and you will not be moved. Stand. Walk. Fight. When you stumble He will pick you up. Then, stand. Walk. Fight. (Wash rinse repeat.)


Glory to the King of kings. Lord we praise You.


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