Demonology Series: The Gatekeeper and Keykeeper

The gate keeper and key keeper always come as a pair. Where you find one, you will find the other and they must both be gotten. If you get one of them and not the other, then another will take the place of the missing one till they are both gone. The assignment of this team is to bring demons into a person whether the demon wants to be there or not. They will even grab demons that are just passing by and drag them in. The demons are afraid of the gate keeper as he is the muscle. They will not leave as long as there is a gate keeper there in most cases because the gate keeper will not allow them to. The gate keeper and key keeper are both fallen angels. They have been at work for a very long time. Many people do not realize the level and assignments or classes of demons because the enemy will flaunt the truth in movies, books and other forms of entertainment in some way. This is to make people think that they are hearing truth and that someone has been watching too many movies or such. Yes even insidious is a very real evil spirit. It's time we realized the enemy is so arrogant that they will put the truth out there knowing that you would never believe it even though it's in our faces. The gate keeper and key keeper are far more than just two ugly dogs on Ghostbusters. They are very real.

The gatekeeper is the muscle. He is the one that forces demons to come in and to stay. He is a strongman though not always the strongest one there depending on whom you are ministering to and their situation. He will do everything in his power to keep a person so bound up that they cannot bear it. He keeps them in doubt and not wanting freedom. Those that know he is there think he is too strong to fight. Those that aren't aware tend to not believe in his existence which makes it very hard to get them to come into agreement that he needs to leave. There is freedom for those that truly want it though in the name of Jesus. He is arrogant and pompous. He is totally vile in many ways. He is usually highly vulgar and carries such a hate for the human race that he will stop at nothing to see every last one fall. He abhors the fact that humans can be redeemed for their sin and  he cannot. They are much stronger than the average demon but not nearly as strong as a dark lord, a dark one, a principality or such. The gate keeper is the guard. He guards and protects the gate with his life.

The key keeper is fairly pompous and arrogant as well but once the gatekeeper is gone, he gets knocked down a notch. The gate keeper was basically his muscle. He is the brains and the one who manipulates the person into opening the door to let the demons the gatekeeper forces into the person in the first place. Once the key keeper has opened the door, the gatekeeper fetches the demon. The key keeper operates the gate that the gate keeper guards. He has the plans. He is the "brains" of the two. However the gate keeper is the one in charge of the pair. If the gatekeeper is cast out and the key keeper is not, he will simply bring the gate keeper back or find another. The same goes if the key keeper is cast out. These two work together. The key keeper is just as vile but quite a bit less talkative and sure of himself. Some of them even have a 'what have I done' attitude. Do not let the concept that they regret rebelling from God sway you into compassion for these fallen. Manipulation is their specialty. They operate well in witchcraft. They cannot be redeemed and there is nothing you can do to help them.

When you cast out one you must get the other in the same sitting or risk starting all over again. When you cast out this pair also be sure to ask for angels to tear down their gate, any walls, tower, fortresses, and fortifications of any kind that they have built in this person's spiritual area. Replace them with holy strongholds and fortifications wherever possible. Once you get this pair, some demons may leave on their own as they didn't want to be there in the first place. The only reason they stayed is because they were terrified of the gate keeper. It is wise to get these two first. The others will be much easier to cast out once they're gone and if you don't they can just replace the ones you cast out anyway. You'll be in a perpetual cycle of deliverance with someone.

If you have been doing deliverance on someone that just never seems to get free and you know you have cast the same demon out multiple times, check for this pair. It is one of the several possibilities of causes to this problem. You might also check for a channeler or for curse pins, crystals, or devices. (See more about those on our coming DVD series Advanced Spiritual Warfare Series- Disc 1) Make sure you ask for judgement and for angels to cut their heads off and apply the blood of Jesus to their wound. As always, ensure you cut communication lines of the enemy when you start so they can't call for reinforcements and surround yourself and the client with angels, the blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Forbid any retaliation against you, the client or the team or any of your family or belongings etc. Hope this article is useful. God bless.


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