Demonology Series: The Channeler

There are many spirits that are out there and the majority of Christians are unaware of them. Certain spirits are really only seen in those that have been deep into the occult world. The body of Christ hears little about them because those that escape Satanism, Masons, Illuminati, and other forms of Satan worship are either too scared to talk about it, people don't believe them, or they are murdered before they can. One such spirit is a channeler.

A channeler is a large demon with the rank of a duke usually. It does not stay with one person but has many charges. It travels back and forth between them. It is attached to those that have been involved in occult practices, especially divination, witchcraft, and idol worship, sometimes even too much activity with ouija boards and séances.

The channeler's assignment is to keep a person from being free by continually summoning demons to the person. Usually, he does this while they sleep. Most people believe they are just dreaming and willingly, or can't help but, let them in without a fight. The channeler himself is one big open door. He is like the promoter to a free popular concert. He calls everyone and invites them to the party. This means even someone that is receiving deliverance is constantly fighting new demons and never getting to the root  of the problem so they can actually be free. It keeps those fighting the battle busy, reacting to the enemy, and playing defense, only treating the symptoms of the problem, instead of playing offense and seeking out the root of the issue and attacking it.

Characteristics of this spirit are arrogance, chaos, vulgarity, cowardice by hiding and sending up smaller demons to block, making the person sleepy during deliverance so they can't communicate and its much harder for him to leave if they fall asleep, always calls for reinforcements, prefers others to fight the battle for him, throws fits when things don't go his way, draws the person away from conversations that lead them to freedom or has something manifest so you can't speak to the person, and he also likes to play what we call musical chairs (comes up when called and sneakily switches with another demon so you cast them out instead of him). Remember, these are the characteristics of the spirit not the person.

There are much fewer signs to the presence of a channeler as he is very cowardly and doesn't want to be found. He copycats many other spirits signs as to cause confusion as to what is actually there. One sign is when doing deliverance with someone, it never seems to end. There is always a new problem. The person seems to seek attention in the deliverance process. They may constantly manifest or always need prayer for things several times a day or sometimes a little less often. If the person felt considerably better and then went to sleep and woke up feeling way worse check for a channeler. It is actually most helpful when doing deliverance on someone if you address the principalities, gatekeepers, keykeepers, and channelers first. This prevents so much of an open flow of new demons back into the person and makes sure hidden open doors can be closed more easily. Sometimes, when battling a channeler, I smell a faint odor like sewer or rotten eggs in the air. This could also be a sign of the presence of this spirit,but there are others with this smell so don't limit that odor to the channeler alone.

In short the channeler is a big, mean, ugly spirit that stinks and throws demon parties without permission. He bounces back and forth, which makes him harder to get a hold of. Roots must be cut and the door he got in closed. Then he must be cast out in order to get to a point where a person can truly be free. He is one of the spirits in charge of which demons come in and out of the captivity the enemy has placed a person in. Never fight him alone unless led by the Holy Spirit and ensure that you cut all his communication lines at the very beginning of battle. When he is destroyed off one person then everyone under him is free of him. However if he is just cast away from that person and you don't ask the Father to judge him or you don't kill him then only that person will be free of him.

We hope this information helps in the battles you face and in setting the captives free. We will be exploring demons you may not have heard of and popular demons as we continue the demonology series. Look for the coming articles about python, leviathian, trythladon, kundalini, Lilith, the rejection groupings and more. Have a blessed day.



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  2. Did you ever do an article about the ‘rejection groupings’? I can’t seem to find it.

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