Demonology Series: The Elder of Darkness

Here we continue the series on demonology. As we go through this series you may read about some demons and other members of the enemy army that you have not heard of. Our experiences come from dealing with those that have escaped Satanism and major occult practices as well as traditional deliverance. The elder of darkness is restricted usually to those that have been a victim of satanic ritual abuse, actively worshiped satan or participated in black magic, or comes from a family line of those that meet the first two things listed. He is a chief demon but higher on the scale than Jezebel and Ahab. He commands quite a few more legions. He is one of the sneakiest you will find. He rarely shows himself of his own free will. The elder of darkness is a fail safe of sorts for the enemy. He doesn't just come in an open door. He is summoned, placed, and hidden in a person. The things someone has witnessed that have been in these situations are unthinkable. The enemy does not want to take the chance of this person testifying to things they were saved from that come from deep within the enemy kingdom. The elder of darkness is there to keep their secrets safe by ensuring that the person never gets free, and if they are close to that goal then his assignment becomes to kill the person. His base assignment is to hide and not manifest or show his presence in any way. This way if someone doesn't know to look for him then they will not cast him out. This leaves an open door for him to continue to allow more demons to come in the person. It becomes a never-ending cycle of deliverance for this person. When he is discovered or cannot bring in demons fast enough and the enemy is losing their hold on the person then plan B kicks in. The enemy can't afford for them to tell everyone the secrets of what happens inside covens and satanic worship. They cannot afford to lose those given to satan by their parents or grandparents. In order to keep from losing them, they will kill them as to try to at least keep from losing the soul that they possessed. Previously this person was on their side and part of the kingdom of darkness. If they can't keep the soldier they will not allow them to be a soldier for God's kingdom if they have any say in it. Thank the Lord Jesus He is King and He gets final say. Characteristics of the elder of darkness are extreme manipulation, very dark and evil (more so than a lower demon), hateful, vulgar, arrogant, sneaky, elusive, deceptive, and violent. These are characteristics of the demon itself not the person that has the demon. However, when a demon fully manifests in someone, they will use the person to carry out these character traits. This demon is quite strong and can take longer to cast out than the average demon as well. Where it may take 30-45 minutes at most to cast out the spirit of infirmity (and that's if you have to battle when it doesn't obey right away), this demon could take up to a few hours and most likely will not obey immediately. Yes demons must obey but they don't always do so instantly. When engaging this demon, make sure you have support from intercessors unless the Lord leads you to engage it alone. It is also advisable to ask the Lord to send plenty of angels to help you to do battle. The signs of being demonized by the elder of darkness can be complicated in some ways and simple in some ways. First, all daughters of high priests of Satanism have them and do not know it. They are placed in them as babies. It is safe to assume that any child of someone high up in the satanic church, luciferian order, illuminati, masons, shriners, true Knights Templar and other similar organizations will also have the elder of darkness. This also applies to the high priests, priestesses, grand masters, and other high positions themselves. They will most likely also have them. However the elder of darkness is not limited to these roles and positions. Those that are demonized by this spirit will be tired all the time. The elder of darkness literally feeds off the person's soul, draining them slowly and completely of all life.  They will slowly stop eating and won't be able to sleep. They will seem to starve themselves but are not hungry at all. The person truly has no appetite even though they try to force themselves to eat. They will do their best to sleep but won't be able to, even to the extreme of sleeping 30 minutes a night or not at all when they are closer to death. This is how the elder accomplishes killing its host in a last resort. It starves them and sleep deprives them so they can't replenish. The weaker they are the less they fight. Over several months of less and less sleep and food, the person is too weak to even get out of bed. During the time leading up to this they will be severely depressed, apathetic, lonely, feel rejected, hopeless, worthless and won't be able to pray or read the Bible. The person will be in utter despair and feel like all is lost. Though they won't actually be suicidal, they will wish for death. They will lose all drive and determination. They will seem to virtually give up on life, God, themselves, and freedom. They will not understand why. They may even speak otherwise occasionally as to not alarm family and friends into seeking help. This is especially prevalent just when one thinks this person is finally free of all chains. A deliverance minister or pastor may be convinced that person is completely free. This is why the elder of darkness acts in this way at this time. They are extremely close to being free and its the enemy's last ditch effort to "win". One of the few stops they have left to pull is the elder of darkness. This doesn't mean when he is gone they are completely free. There are often a handful of very large things most people have never heard of left, but that is a different article all together. In short, the elder of darkness is a very nasty, large demon that would be better to address in the beginning of deliverance rather than the end. This prevents health risks to the person being ministered to. Hopefully, this article gives some insight to a spirit not commonly heard of and enables others to head it off at the pass instead of letting him cause more problems than necessary and a far more difficult deliverance. Look for our next demonology article coming soon.

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