Announcing Our Discipleship Program

We are pleased to announce we are rolling out our discipleship program here at Fear No Evil Ministries. We will be working in cooperation with other ministries to raise the body of Christ up and edify each other, to teach how to grow in our daily walk, how to step into the calling God has on each person's life, to operate in gifts, offices, anointings and mantles the Lord has given and to renew our minds with the Word of God having a personal relationship with the Father. We are starting the basic program now and it will grow as we go.

We will post Bible studies, scripture and instructional videos. We will have awesome trivia to help everyone know they are burning the Word in their heart. The trivia questions will have some great prizes so make sure you don't miss them. We will be giving away lots of goodies. There will be live seminars in the future, along with many things that simply aren't addressed in the church due to the different levels everyone is at. Learn to operate in sonship/stewardship of all God has for you. We don't have to stay in a slaveship mind frame. The angels and all of creation is waiting for the sons of God to step into the dominion God truly assigned to us. Are you ready? Come join us on Facebook in the Rise Up Church group. Click here and send us a request to join the group. We can't wait to grow in Christ with you and help you step into the calling and anointing God has for your life and the gifts that come with it.

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