Demonology Series: Who Is Ahab?

In this series, we will describe characteristics, assignments and signs of certain demons. This particular article we will discuss the spirit of Ahab. These articles will be based on our personal experience in deliverance with some scriptural support.

Ahab is a very nasty, sneaky demon. He is a chief demon and can command other demons under him. When you find Ahab somewhere it is usually certain he will not be alone. Which demons he commands varies with the doors the person has opened in their life. Ahab is almost always found opposite of the spirit of Jezebel. In a couple, if the wife has Jezebel then you can bet Ahab is in the husband and visa versa.

Ahab's main assignment is to make the person, male or female, submit to the will of Jezebel. The Ahab spirit has many other assignments as well that vary depending on what the specific attack Jezebel has up her sleeve. assignments in chief demons often have a wide compass.

Characteristics of Ahab include extremely submissive to Jezebel, sneaky, cowardly, manipulative and worshipper of Baal. Where you find Ahab look for Baal the false god spirit. He will always work to give Jezebel power. (1Kings 18 & 19)   Ahab supports Jezebel financially as well and carries out her dirty jobs. (1Kings 21) This spirit supports all of Jezebels puppet demons such as false prophecy, murder, violence, anger, manipulation, lust, perversion, adultery, and others. He commonly has python, leviathan, trythladon, kundalini, submission, worthless, unbelief, doubt, false doctrine, idolatry and others with him, although these are not guaranteed to be there and certainly not all of them necessarily.

Signs of an Ahab spirit are harder to detect. One key thing to look for is a Jezebel close by or has been before. Someone with an Ahab will be obedient to someone with a Jezebel. Ahab makes one submissive to those with a Jezebel, especially a man submissive to a woman so as to upset the biblical structure of a family. Ahab and Jezebel work together to get close to those in ministry as well. Ahab will do what he can to give a Jezebel access to a ministry or shepherd to tear them down and get them to sin or destroy that ministry. someone with an Ahab spirit will continue to attract more of the opposite sex with Jezebels to partner with. Some other signs of the spirit of Ahab are a low self-esteem coupled with a love for flattery and reassurance. The person loves others to tell them how wonderful and worthy they are. The person will always be trying to prove their somebody. This spirit also makes people blind to manipulation and iniquity. I would bet money the phrase "love is blind" came about due to the relationship between Ahab and Jezebel spirits. When you see signs of the biblical structure of a family, church or ministry out of line, look for Ahab and Jezebel somewhere in the mix. If there is an unholy situation known as a "sugar-daddy" bet Ahab and Jezebel is in that mix as well. These are just a few examples.

The Ahab spirit is very tricky. He sets up altars to Baal in the person which brings idolatry into their lives in some form. whether it be video games, work, a significant other, sports, or something else they make an idol they put above God. Once he draws or keeps a person away from a relationship with God by means of the other spirits he invites in, he then leads them into sin. If you spot an Ahab make sure you confirm it with the Holy Spirit as there are other combinations of demons that can also appear to be an Ahab problem. As always let the Lord lead you in deliverance.


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  1. I was searching for information on the Ahab spirit and found your website. I have just discovered that I have an AHAB spirit from when I was a small child. So for 50 odd years now. I must kick this thing out of me. Enough is enough.

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