Thank You for Your Help

We would like to thank everyone that donated to our fundraisers and helped us to achieve our project goals. We are extremely overjoyed to share with you what the Lord accomplished through all of you. All the money you give as an offering goes to projects like these. Without your donations, buying the raffle tickets, coming to our events, and prayers for our ministry this wouldn't be possible. Glory to God for allowing us all to be a part of it and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Most importantly, 80 bibles have been delivered to the people of Arifwala, Pakistan by our brother in Christ and deacon Pastor Eric Bawar. These Bibles are in the Urdu language so that they may read them daily, study, and understand God's Word and His will in their lives. As you can see in the slide show, they are truly grateful. They have a hard road in a mostly Muslim population, with much persecution, and could use your prayers as well.

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We were also able to purchase a baptismal for the ministry and have already put it to use. We also have several more that wish to be baptized. We can't wait. We are so happy to be able to do so now.

img_3881 We were able to get enough ink to print hundreds of gospel tracts which we have been handing out and on Black Friday we will be "shopping for souls" by handing them out at locations that are full of people. These will be a permanent fixture here at the ministry so we will continue to need ink and paper to keep printing them. Also there will be different tracts designed and printed as soon as we are able that address things such as addiction, depression, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and other important topics as we are able to grow the project.

Expenses involved in the book have been covered and it will be coming out in a few months. Look for more information on it. We will post a separate article on information concerning the book. We are so excited about this and hope to raise enough money next year to provide free conferences concerning some of the information in this book. It is highly important details about prophecy and fulfillment, as well as our place in this process, what we should be doing, and some of the deceptions that have been put out there concerning Bible prophecy.


The ministry was also able to purchase a computer that handles all of the ministry needs including broadcasts, the newsletter, the website, and more. It also allows everyone in the ministry access to the documents from their own systems. It will allow us to keep the important work of this ministry going around the world.


We also received a gracious donation of Christian books, CDs, and DVDs that include Bible studies, sermons, and other learning tools, as well as some Christian fiction for enjoyment. They will be available for those that come to our Bible study group to check out. We are so thankful for this and welcome any gently used or new books, CDs, or DVDs anyone wishes to send us for the library. They may be shipped to:

Fear No Evil Ministries

P.O. Box 76

Bonham, Texas 75418

or you may contact us by email at for a drop off locally here in Bonham or surrounding areas in Fannin or Lamar County Texas.


We are so grateful that you allowed God to use you and us to do His work. We will be planning the next project and fundraiser soon. It will be announced and we hope that you consider joining us in doing good around the world and helping to expand God's kingdom. God bless you and may Jesus keep you.


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