Chosen Ones… Not What You Think

As with every thing else God does, Satan has a counterfeit for God's chosen. Satan has created his own chosen ones. Today, we will look at what a chosen one is, how they were created, and what their purpose is.

First, let's lay out what a chosen one of Satan is. A chosen one is a person that was born either into the occult world or to occult parents or grandparents. They have a family line of Satanists, Luciferians, Illuminati, or Masons. They themselves may not have any memory of any occult activity. However, they were bred for the very purpose of being more susceptible to demonic possession and programming due to the long family line of curses and Satanic loyalty. Before they are even born rituals are being done to summon demons to the fetus in the womb. Once they are born they begin a regiment of rituals that creates them. A chosen one is "created" by causing trauma to a child so badly that their soul splits into fragments, known as alters. See our article on alters for more information as to what an alter is. The people responsible for creating these chosen ones are covens and family members in the occult. Some may be Church of Satan, others Illuminati, or Masons, but whatever denomination of occult they are, they're goal is the same. They are creating super soldiers well versed in witchcraft, PSI, ammunitions training, martial arts, satanic rituals, making more chosen ones, and many other unthinkable things. When the coven achieves a fragment of the soul, it is like a new person. It  is very impressionable and scared. They swoop in and "save" this alter and earn it's trust. After doing that, they begin to brainwash and program this alternative personality with fear and punishment. They train it to do a specific job. This job may be to be a spy, to infiltrate a certain organization, to be a watcher, a sex slave for their trafficking rings, a satanic high priest or priestess, a witch, a soldier that can fight as well as any military personnel (as many are trained by the actual military), an assassin, or any number of a variety of other types of alters. There are alters they create and train just to be a counterfeit Christian or religious person. This is so they can infiltrate the church and perform witchcraft to curse the church and its members or cause havoc in the lives of believers everywhere. There is a great variety of types of alters, which we will get into another time.

As each new alter is created, it's given a different task. They plant trigger phrases, words, pictures or other things that cause the alter to come up and take over the person. These alters are full blown multiple personality disorder which is now known as DID. In many cases the actual person isn't even aware of all these different personalities. They simply have unexplained missing time from their days often. They simply don't know where the last 3 hours went. The last thing they remember is they were doing dishes when the phone rang. They answered the phone and now suddenly it is dark outside and they're sitting on their bed. Some may be aware they have alters, and some may even know their purpose. These alternative personalities were created by trauma such as physical and sexual abuse, torture, and psychological events that push their minds to the limit of snapping. They do this coupled with Satanic rituals.

These people now have hundreds of different personalities inside them. Many are trained to each do a different job to benefit the coven. Different people have a few variations as to the types of alters they have depending on what their major assignment is. However, they all have a certain set of alters. This set isn't even known to all the alters in the person. Only one alter in each person knows how many and what kind of alters are there completely and knows each of their assignments. He/she doesn't surface unless forced to. Usually, if you try to speak with that alter a disinformation alter will come up instead. Disinformation's sole job is to send you on a wild goose chase and make you believe they are spilling all this information. In fact they are purposely leaking a bunch of lies and false trails. They may pretend to be demons or angels, or even pretend to be the main soul. They are alters so they can pass the test for testing the spirits. I have spoken to a disinformation alter that pretended to be Raphael the healing archangel. The goal of this is to keep you from realizing that they are a chosen one. Their job is to infiltrate the church, government or military and be ready to fulfill ongoing assignments or just wait for their purpose to arrive.

Now that we have mentioned their purpose, what is it? Every false religion points towards a man that will come to earth and save it after great tragedy has struck. Islam has the Mahdi that they believe will march across the middle east destroying Israel on his way to Mecca. New age believes the human race will almost be wiped out and only those that reach the proper enlightenment to transcend their bodies will be saved by the mighty one that will come. Jewish people don't have a false religion but have not acknowledged that Jesus is the Christ and are therefore still waiting on a man to come and rule Israel and save them. Satanist however know that they are waiting on Satan himself to step into a body. Many of them believe that his army will actually prevent Jesus from returning to Earth thus defeating Him and Satan will take his place on God's throne. All of this is of course just more lies from the enemy. Did you notice I mentioned an army? Bible prophecy even tells us of Satan's army. To read more about the detail of all of this I recommend the book The Black Awakening by Russ Dizdar. Satan is creating an army as we speak. These are the chosen ones. They are made and trained. When the awakening occurs a trigger will be sent to awaken a specific alter in each one of them. This alter has an ancient demonic evil attached to it. It is trained to kill without thought. They have been planted in various places such as the military, police, first responders, churches, hospitals and governments. When the trigger is given, millions of what seem like average people will snap and unleash on the world. The military and government systems won't be able to respond as their whole system is crashing as well. That is why they were planted there. This crates a need. With this happening around the globe and no one can seem to stop it, the antichrist will step in to save everyone from his own army. A new trigger will be sent out. Some of this army will kill themselves and some will disappear to regroup. It will suddenly be over. The ones that are the elite of the chosen ones are Satan's highest trained and most elite witches, warriors and fighters. They will prepare to stand against Jesus when He returns. Their battle is already lost. This is the purpose of a chosen one. They are Satan's army, his soldiers.

There are a number of these chosen ones that have given their hearts to Jesus or are looking for a way to not be what they are. There is freedom for these people. The alters need healed and deliverance completed. It is not as simple as normal deliverance however. There are many hidden covenants that need broken and captive alters that need rescued. Once the pieces of their soul are all found and healed and the cord is severed and all demons cast out, they will no longer be a super soldier. They can no longer be triggered as there is nothing left there to trigger.

Hopefully this article has explained what a chosen one is, how they are made, and what their purpose is. We will release more articles or videos about the different types of alters we have come across and how to deal with a chosen one if you have identified someone. We hope this information has helped you. Remember Satan has many schemes and plans. Some may seem so evil that they are unbelievable, but that's exactly where Satan wants your opinion to sit on the matter. Satan is pure evil and darkness. His hatred is unthinkable. If you are a chosen one, or even suspect you may be, and you want out, there is help. Jesus came to set the captives free. Email us if you truly want help. God exposes those that are just trying to infiltrate us, but if you really want freedom, it is waiting for you.


  1. Christine Alexandria

    Please help me, my born-again Christian son who used to run outside at night to pray to Jesus Christ and worship him, he would literally come home from work and say I want to go talk to the father, something has happened to him I believe that he is under a generational curse.
    Not for me the Holy Spirit entered me a year ago and I’ve had nothing but God showing me and teaching me and filling me with such love and humbleness, but my son has gone the other direction, I really need a spiritual intervention for him. He doesn’t even know that we’re in the tribulation. He stole from me, he attacked me, I saw that he was wearing a T-shirt that has a pentagram on it and he doesn’t even know it. A number of years ago he joined the freemasons and even though he recognized that it was wrong and he quit, Satan doesn’t want to let go of his power over him it’s very obvious to me now.
    My husband left me who is a third-degree level Freemason, a Shriner, a court gester, belongs to the Scottish rite, he was in the military, he works for Homeland security, he set me up, he recorded me, he was abusive for 22 years he had me arrested on a big lie of an assault charge, I was in jail for three weeks. God has been so gracious and good to me even through this time,
    Hebrews 10, I lived exactly the entire scripture, when the Holy Spirit engineer, the spiritual attack started and the police came for me six times when I was witnessing my faith in Jesus Christ. it seems like hebrews 10 was written just for me Please help, my name is Christine, please have someone contact me and help me .

  2. First thought – are you truly of Jesus?
    Second – an associate sent me this article and he was the victim of it.
    Third – my story is similar to his. It involved the US military; specifically, the Green Berets, who had groups of us as children. I was able to use the fire to summon things. They had Christian children too.
    Fourth-we went to church. The women were leaders in Sunday School yet the men always came from pagan backgrounds.
    Fifth: there were bust of Apollo and Athena in the homes. There were other things too were not of Christ like my Grandmother reading an astrology chart or how they taught me to speak in the rythming language
    Fifth: We’re in a southern cultured area yet identified as the Midwest and many of the high schools had demonic mascots for an area that is supposedly “Christian” dissent.
    Sixth, I’ve been told by “witches” that they are in the churches so as not to raise suspicion to themselves when bad things go wrong, they can’t be blamed because they obviously go to church.
    Seventh, I’ve learned many Baptist ministers are actually masons.
    Eight, yes my family to my knowledge has been in masonry for several generations.
    Nineth, these people are networked a crossed the country and if you try to leave them they will make your life hell on earth. Your given two choices – kill yourself or endure it all till you pass, which leaves only God/Jesus for help but His silence at times can be very disappointing.

    If you are of Christ, not of them trying to ferret us out for more torment, yes I need your help.

  3. Imhotep Malone Narcisse

    Robert Stewart, I found out the hard way. You pretty much summed up what I know now.

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