What Is An Alter?


An alter (not to be confused with altar where we worship), or alternative personality, is a broken piece or fragment of the soul. It manifests in extreme conditions as another personality of a person such as in DID (formerly known as multiple personality disorder). In mild conditions, it is noticed with issues like mood disorders, depression and other emotional issues. An alter is not a demon or evil spirit and cannot be cast out. It is a part of the soul that needs healed back into the whole soul. An alter however, can have demons attached to it. They wrap around the alter like a demonic armor. There are alters that do not have demonic attachments as well.

This alter has its own thoughts, feelings, ideas, and plans. It is in essence another person inside the body. The mind (soul) has split into two or more pieces. The person will always feel torn between the will of the main soul and the alters. The moderate to more extreme cases can hear the other alters thoughts, like voices in their head, which is sometimes diagnosed as schizophrenia. The alters range from newborns to ages that even exceed the natural age of the person they are in. Some are very rude, mean and ugly. Some are very sweet. The key thing to remember as a deliverance minister that works in soul healing, or even as a family member or friend of someone with this situation, is that all of these alters have one thing in common. Whether they admit it or not, they are all scared and don't trust most people. They behave the way they do because of this in most situations. There are other situation which we will explain further in another article. If the person has been a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse then you are dealing with a different situation.

Let's look at how an alter comes into existence. Alters are created due to fear, rejection, or traumatic events. Some are created purposely in occult events, but those are the SRA victims mentioned above. When a traumatic event (or fear/rejection) happens the person's soul is in such horror that it tries to hide deep down inside themselves. However, the body must have a mind controlling it at all times. As the soul tries to run from the situation when the body cannot, it actually tears and a fragment of the soul remains up to deal with the situation. The rest of the soul buries itself away from reality and makes itself completely unaware of the rejection, fear or trauma that is occurring. the memory and experience then remains with the alter, the fragment of soul that stayed consciously aware. This is where suppressed memories come from. The alter has the memory of the event. So when the alter switches back with the main part of the soul after the event is over, the alter retains the memory and the person's main portion of their mind isn't aware at all or doesn't remember much detail of the event. The enemy uses this trauma of the soul splitting to wrap a demon around the alter if they have one.

Many deliverance ministers are unaware of what an alter actually is and how to deal with it. They try to cast out the alter. You can't cast out something that is part of that person. The alter belongs there. A deep soul wound caused the alter to break off. In order for the inner healing to take place, the alter must first be healed. Once the soul fragment is returned to the main soul then the wound that caused the split can be addressed and any wounds the split caused as well.

In many cases, people have multiple alters and have been unaware of it their whole life. They just knew certain things hurt them badly and inexplicably. They may have been labeled as sensitive, emotional, impatient, or an angry or bitter person. This is a very common thing and nothing to be embarrassed about. From being bullied at school, to being raped or assaulted, many things can cause a split. It is not anyone's fault that it has happened. There is help. There is healing. The pain doesn't have to continue to rule your life. Jesus came to set the captives free.

If you feel that you need help with inner soul healing of alters, even if other deliverance ministries have turned you away or told you it was your fault, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach our deliverance department by emailing us at fearnoevilministries7@outlook.com or by messaging our main ministry page on Facebook (@fearnoevilministries)or Twitter (@fearnoevilminis). We love you and there is help available. If you are a victim of SRA, even if you were previously in the occult, we specialize in that area as well. We are well aware of chosen ones and are happy to tell you there is healing for you as well. We hope this has helped someone to understand themselves, a loved one, or a ministry client better and provide them with the freedom and healing Jesus brings us. We do not charge for any deliverance but welcome donations on our Donation page.



  1. Thank you Amber for this article. I appreciate your explanation of Alters.

  2. Now I realize why certain memories come forth out of, seemingly, nowhere. When I do remember the incident, it is very painful and haunting. I would like to know how to stop ruminating about it. Thank you.

  3. The alter needs to be healed back into the main soul. It must first be washed.

  4. I need help with this.

  5. We would be happy to help. You can message us on Facebook. If you have emailed it has been forwarded to the deliverance department. If you haven’t emailed yet please email our deliverance department chair Shelli Moore at fearnoevilministries7@outlook.com

  6. Would you consider these memories returning the same as PTSD flashbacks after complete memory suppression for many years?

  7. Yes. I would. I would recommend deliverance sessions. The alters need to be cleansed if the spirit that causes the PTSD and then healed back into the main soul. I was completely healed of PTSD

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