Demonology Series: Bastions

As we continue our demonology series, this one will be a little different format.  Today I want to discuss Bastions. Bastions are present in those that have been made brides of Satan. There are always a minimum of two.

 First, let's give a little background information. Satanism is not simply another religion in the world that counterfeits the true way to peace, truth, and an eternity with God. Satanism is in fact worship of the one that thinks he can kill God and take his place. The fallen cherub has been trying to sit on the throne since ancient times. This is why he fell. Satanism involves rituals, sacrifices, witchcraft, and atrocities most do not believe any human would commit in the name of any religion. In these occurrences, are some ceremonies and dedications that are simply disgusting. One of these is a marriage to Satan. Every year, Satan chooses approximately 10 brides give or take. These brides are between the ages of 18-25. They are sent through rigorous rituals for cleansing and proving their worth. I will spare the details of these events for now. In the end of the process, Satan comes on Halloween to claim his brides. During this ceremony the ultimate soul tie is created to Satan himself. This tie, in the spirit realm, is an actual cord. Satan places bastions to guard this cord. They have command over multitudes of demons, given to them as an army to defend that cord at all costs. the cord is not in any danger unless this bride repents and turns to Jesus.

Once a bride of Satan repents, they need a mass amount of deliverance, as many security measures have been taken by the enemy to ensure they don't escape Satan with their lives. From that day forward, Satan does everything he can to kill that bride. Jesus is King and protects His children.

These bastions are some of the toughest demons out there. They are vulgar, pompous, brutal, and apathetic about their lives. They know the punishment that awaits should they fail to keep that cord intact. Therefore they will call on every demon, fallen, principality, ruler of darkness, or any member of the enemy army at their disposal. They must be killed before the cord can be cut. As long as the marriage covenant is intact it is virtually impossible to reach them as it gives them an open door and what some would call legal rights.

In order to cast out or kill a bastion, the bride and minister must petition the throne of Almighty for divorce, just like in our court system. The bride must renounce all ties and loyalty to Satan, ask the Father for a divorce and repent for and renounce the marriage to the fallen cherub. I always ask that the blood of Jesus be poured over the contract and that Jesus burn it and cancel any agreement made as a tributary to the marriage covenant as well. Once this is done, then you attack the bastions. It is not a battle to be taken lightly. Never go alone. Always ask the Lord for as many legions as necessary to fight the bastions and their armies. If you are not a warrior, I would suggest asking the Father to send someone that is in the realm to command the battle. Always pray to cut communication lines, as the reinforcements will keep pouring in if you don't. Always pray that the Lord forbid any retaliation against you, the bride, and anyone involved in the battle, the ministry and their families. Always ask for the heavens to be opened and the Lord to keep pouring in light. Bastions will try everything in the book, including trying to convince you that it will kill the woman, she can't be free, that they don't have to leave, etc. If you have addressed the divorce and Father granted the papers then they have no right to stay there. I personally never cast out a bastion. I kill them. I ask the Lord to pass judgement and I ask for destruction and to help me cut their heads off. Some people will tell you demons can't die. There are some God has given stay because they have a role in prophecy that is not here yet, but I am here to say I have seen body parts and piles of dead demons as tall as a 4 story building. You can kill demons. The only good demon is a dead demon. Once the bastions are dead, then you cut the cord in the realm that runs from the woman to Satan. (This is not complete instructions on the divorce, only process to kill the bastions so please do not jump into such a deliverance without guidance, training or a command from God Himself.)

This is not one of those cases in which you look for characteristics to see if bastions are there. If they are a bride of Satan, there are a minimum of two bastions attached to that woman. I have seen more than two. I have never, as of yet, seen bastions outside of those conditions. They are huge, but Jesus is bigger. Do not underestimate the amount of evil in these demons. Ensure you are covered in the blood of Jesus and well prayed up before facing bastions.

ugly demon with fire

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