Seasons Of Change

Seasons of Change Seasons of change will either make you or break you! This is why we must be firmly root to a foundation that won’t move, that’s unchangeable! People will let you down, human failings, broken promises, and changing hearts that's just the tip of the edge with normal everyday life; not even including deeper issues! Such as addiction demons (porn, drugs, drinking, sex out of marriage ) ext.. When our hope is in people, remember people change! So the vicious cycle begins where human hearts become hardened from hurt and pain searching for love that never satisfies. People were never meant to fill all the gaps. Satan is great at keeping us running, searching, and painting the picture of glorified promise that lead our souls into captivity! God created us for fellowship & intimacy with HIM through Jesus! His love never fails its the anchor to our souls truly being set free of years of abuse (mental, physical and spiritual)! His love never fails, His love teaches, His love transforms and best of all HIS LOVE won't give up it's steadfast! Anchor yourself in HIS love, let it heal you, correct you, mold you, and change you! Once you're anchored to His love HE will mend the many cracks in your mold, He will make a masterpiece out of your brokenness and failures. His love restores what the enemy has stolen! Once you see your identity in Christ you will not settle for the counterfeit. Seasons of change don't stop but what your hope is in keeps you grounded! I It paves the way for growth, forgiveness, and purpose! Written By: Kelly Winters

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