The Ministry Is Growing

We here at Fear No Evil Ministries are overjoyed at what the Lord has done with this ministry. We thank God always for choosing each of us and using us. Our little ministry family has grown quite a bit in the past few months. Please join us in welcoming the newest members of Fear No Evil Ministries. These do not include the growth of our other team we are involved in ministry with. This amazing work is just the branch known as Fear No Evil Ministries. We are so grateful and excited to welcome Debbie Tucker of Kentucky officially as our elder, which has been unofficial for quite some time. We would also like to welcome James Teran of California, Anne Reeves from Australia, Carisa Carrasco of Oklahoma, and Shelli Armas of California. We never did get to properly welcome two of our older members that have been with us several months so please welcome Amy Stewart Michael and Molly Ryan of Colorado as well. We look forward to serving with each of you. We know the Lord will continue to bless us with more growth as we have prayed for laborers. Keep your eyes peeled for more welcomes. The Lord is most certainly doing a new thing in this ministry and we thank Him every step of the way. Please remember to keep each of us and the ministry covered in prayer and protection as we fight the good fight. Welcome everyone to the ministry. We hope you are as blessed by the work as we are.

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