Love and Faith Are Found In Action

You can say all day long that you love someone or everyone.  You can tell everyone you know you have faith and believe in Jesus Christ.  If someone cannot look at your actions and determine these notions, then they aren't fact.  They are theory.

 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.   Hebrews 11:1

The Bible defines faith as the evidence of things not seen.  This means when we have faith we behave in a way we know those things are true whether we see them or not. When we do this others can see our faith and are curious as to why we are so rooted.  It sets a good example for Christians not as mature as well.  We also know that it doesn't matter how much faith we believe we have if we do not show it in actions. James tells us faith without works is dead.

 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar? Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect? And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God. Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way? For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.              James 2:17-26

Our faith must be shown in actions.  We cannot simply confess faith and be done with it.  We must continue to justify our faith by works.  Does this mean salvation by works? absolutely not.  We are saved by grace, but we must show evidence of that salvation through our works.  It is in God's word and His word is not a suggestion but a command.

The same applies to love we carry in our hearts for our fellow man.  Love must be shown in action.  This doesn't mean we tolerate sin, but if we correct sin we do it out of love and compassion rather than criticism and bitterness.  We must out of love give to those that need.  We must care for widows and orphans.  We must feed and clothe the homeless and poor.  This is the point of giving up our riches to follow Him.  We must be willing to give what has been given to us.

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed. If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.      James 1:25-27

 We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?      My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.     1 John 3:14-18

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So what are acts of love?  Love is true and is concerned for the well being of a person.  Tolerance for sin is not an act of love.  It is an act of cowardice on our parts.  It means we fear offending someone.  Those that look at correction as judgment and criticism simply do so because they do not want to come out of their sin.  However, this is a path that leads to eternal damnation.  If we truly love someone, we will offer loving and gentle correction without looking down our noses so that they can correct it before its too late.  Once we get to God's judgment it is too late for correction.  As the body of Christ, it is our job to lovingly keep each other walking as Christ would have us walk and growing in the spirit constantly.

Love is also helping to care for others in their time of need.  The Bible specifically charges us with caring for widows and orphans.  That doesn't mean we should stop there. We should show our love to every brother and sister and even those that haven't accepted Jesus and are not God's children yet.  It is acts like these that serve as good witness to what Christ truly stands for.  So many in the world today think that Christians just think they're better than everyone else.  This is because many Christians don't ensure that every action they take throughout the day is done in love and to the glory of God.  Look at our plans for the week.  How many of those plans will glorify God.  The Bible tells us everything we do should glorify our Lord.  Work is on our schedule I would imagine.  Many will say "how does that glorify God?" Well the bible tells us to work so that we may give to those in need as well as provide for our family.  So when we provide for the needs of our family and give the extra to those in need then we are glorifying Him by honoring His Word.  Now look at the other activities. Who is going to the club or bar this weekend? There is no way this can glorify the Lord.  We cannot add the reasoning of "I go to witness to others." because the Word specifically tells us not to have anything to do with the unfruitful works of darkness.  Why does it say that?  When we do these things we might be tempted to listen to the flesh and sin.  We are walking into a room so full of demons they could overcome us.  We must overcome by the blood of the Lamb and His word.  His word tells us not to go to those places.  It tells us not to even eat with such people.  This doesn't mean we are better than anyone only that we refuse to expose our selves to such debauchery as to be tempted by the devil and his army.

How many ladies have shopping on the agenda?  When we go are we buying modest apparel that isn't revealing as the  Bible tells us we must dress?  Or are we buying short skirts and low cut dresses that open doorways for the spirits of lust, promiscuity, and others?  There is no such thing as we live in a different time.  These things simply aren't acceptable.  How many people have a date this weekend with a boyfriend, girlfriend or someone less serious than that status?  Will that date glorify the Lord?  It doesn't if our behavior on these dates isn't in line with the Word.  Is there fornication involved in this date?  Ladies are you putting on the shortest and tightest little dress in the closet?  or are we telling that person from the beginning that we are Christians and there will be no sex before marriage?  Is everything we do to the glory of God?  We should examine ourselves constantly to ensure we are where we need to be in our walk with Christ.

True faith and love are played out in actions not just words.  We must live our lives a living sacrifice to Jesus.  We must live a yielded life and submit to God, resisting the devil so he flees. We must walk in actual love not what the devil and his children define it as.  We must carry out our faith daily and stay on the narrow path that Jesus has laid out for us.  What action can we all take today to be doers and not just hearers, to let our faith and love be shown not only in action but in every action?  God bless you and may Jesus keep you.

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