Who Runs Your Life?

Who is in charge in your life? How many Christians just said I am? If you did that's not good. We, as disciples of Jesus Christ, should be fully surrendered to Jesus Christ and His will for our lives. There is black or white, hot or cold. Jesus doesn't acknowledge middle ground. We all want Jesus to answer our prayers and work in our lives, but how many of us have really given Him permission to do so? He needs permission and control over your whole life. He paid a great price for you, all of you. He deserves to get what He paid for.

  When you accepted Jesus, did you give Him everything? Did you give him your house, job, and possessions? What about your children and grandchildren? Did you give Him your body soul and spirit or just your heart?

  He needs full control. You don't go to work without Him. You do t go to dinner without Him. You don't take that promotion without asking "Lord is this Your will". I have a headache Lord it's Yours. I won $10 million Lord it's Yours.

  Whatever His will is that's the plan for your life. Maybe you wanted to be in advertising but God said no I need you in nursing. You hate the thought but that's what you do. We must follow His plans for us not our own. This holds even more true when they don't line up with our plans. He knows what's best for us. We don't. He sees the whole picture where we see less than a minuscule of it. We must trust Him fully with everything. This means we must be in full surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ. The very definition of the word believeth in John 3:16 in the Strongs concordance tells us so. It says believeth means many things and one of those is to yield.

So how do you do this. Well you pray just like you did to be saved. You remind Him often that you belong to Him. Once you do you can't go back. He doesn't take that lightly. A promise is a promise. He doesn't break His. How do you think He would feel if we break ours. This doesn't mean there won't be mistakes along the way.

For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.   2 Peter 2:21

Here is a prayer for full surrender. Surrender everything to Jesus today. He knows the plans He has for you.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   Jeremiah 29:11

Full Surrender


  I acknowledge that You Jesus Christ are the Son of God that died on the cross and rose from the grave to redeem me. You Jesus are the only reason I am able to be saved. Now that I am born-again, I come before Your throne to give myself to You, a living sacrifice, to fully surrender myself and every part of my life to You. Everything I have is no longer mine but Yours: my body, soul, spirit, my children, job, house, car, all my possessions, my decisions, addictions, good habits, bad habits, my thoughts, hopes, dreams, future, past, and present all belong to You. I surrender my entire life to You Jesus. I no longer have any say in what goes on in my life. You paid a great price for me and I am now Yours. Your will be done in my life and not my own Lord. It may not line up with my plans and dreams but the only thing that matters are Your plans for me Lord because You know what’s best. Place me in Your will for my life. Break me, and take everything that is not of You away and put me back together as You intended me to be. From this moment on I am fully surrendered to You all the days of my life and will allow You to lead and direct my life in the direction that You want it to go. Let me decrease, and You increase Jesus. Everything I am and have is Yours. Take it and have Your way Lord. Thy will be done. I trust You Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen


In order to stay in full surrender you should let Him know often that you still belong to Him. I remind Him once every week or two. Some people say it a few times a year. Here is a prayer to stay in full surrender. When battling demons I would say it daily until they are defeated.


In the name of Jesus, I continue to place my body, my soul, my spirit, and my entire life into Your hands. I am choosing to stay fully surrendered to You all the days of my life, and I ask that You continue to keep me in Your perfect will for my life. Thank You Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus for Your love, mercy and guidance in my life. Order my steps that I may walk the narrow path Lord. In Jesus name Amen

So now I ask again who runs your life? May God bless you and Jesus keep you.


  1. Thank you for this prayer and thanks for your help Amber! God Bless, Winnie

  2. This is one of the most extraordinary prayers I have ever read. It was painful at times to recite it…difficult to fully let go. I know that I will have to say it daily until I am fully and finally surrendered. God bless you for this!

  3. So far so good
    Praise GOD

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