What Is A Soul Tie and What Do I Do About It?

Many Christians have never heard of a soul tie. A soul tie is a bond made between spirits during sex. The Bible tell us man and women become one during a sexual act.

And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.       Mark 10:8

When we have sex with someone we create a soul tie because we become one flesh with that person. So every instance of fornication, adultery, or relations inside of marriage creates a bond or tie with that person. Soul ties are also created in other ways that do not have both parties at fault. Soul ties are created when someone is raped or sexually abused in any way. These ties must also be broken. The Lord does understand this was of no fault to the victim and there is no sin to confess in this situation.

 We should only be tied to our spouse. If these ties are created with someone other than our spouse we open doors for demonic attack. In order to close those doors, we must break the soul ties, repent and renounce the sin, and not create anymore instances of the transgression (thus renouncing it).

So how do you break a soul tie? Just like most everything you take it before the Lord. Only He can do it. So we pray and humble ourselves before God. We ask Him to do what we cannot. Just as we asked Him to wash us clean for salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and as we prayed to fully surrender to Him. Breaking soul ties is a necessary step for deliverance from demonic attack and strongholds. We are submitting ourselves to God in full confession.  Notice in the verse below this isn't a proper name. It is the same word used when the Bible speaks of Jesus casting out devils. Submit to God, resist ( or stand and fight such as to cast out) and the demon will flee.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.     James 4:7

Here is a battle prayer to break soul ties that have been made in your life. If these soul ties have been created due to rape or sexual abuse then skip the portion in the brackets.


I humble myself before Your throne. You alone are worthy of our praise and worship. [I come to you know to confess the sin of ________(insert fornication or adultery or both) and address the soul tie that were created as a result of this sin. Lord I repent of this sin and renounce it here and now. I will never do this again.]  My whole life belongs to You Jesus and I wish to bring these things before Your Mighty throne now. I have had relations with _______(insert the names of the people here; if you do not know list what you can and say the others You know Lord but I cannot say now) and these relations have caused soul ties to be made. I speak now by the blood of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior to break off of me every connection that was made from each partner or violation. I seek to cut those cords now Lord. Let their sin belong to them and my sins belong to me.  Lord I ask that You send angels now to break every single cord and soul tie made as a result of past partners and violations. Every attachment they have to me is now broken. Every cord is completely severed.  Lord break any and every soul tie including the ones I cannot remember or have locked away in my mind. I am bound no more to them in any way. By Your power Father I am loosed now from all of them in Jesus name. I thank You Lord, and only You can solve this matter. I praise You Lord and exalt Your Holy name. I ask these things in Jesus Mighty name Amen.

This is a simple prayer that addresses soul ties made by sexual relationships. It does not address any connections to sin you may have been involved in. That must be confessed individually as well, renounced and repented of. For example if  a premarital relationship led to abortion you will need to confess and renounce the sin of murder and ask for that door to be closed. If you were involved in drug, drunkenness, revelry (partying), etc. those will need to be confessed. There are many more possible sins to confess but these are examples of things not included. Even if you have broken soul ties before It is a good idea to say this again if you backslide or are sexually assaulted afterword. It also never hurts to say it a few times. May God bless you and Jesus keep you.


  1. How do I know if praying these prayers is working?

  2. We walk by faith and not by sight brother. We stand on faith.

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