Am I a Captive of Demons?

How many of you think your head spins or you completely lose control if you are demonized? Movies have caused so much confusion and error in the way we think of demonization more commonly known as possession (which is a horribly inaccurate term). Demonization is not what you see in horror films. Heads do not spin. You can however get thrown across the room etc. But those are severe rare cases and usually occur in those escaping or currently in Satanism of some kind. Most demonization is simply illness, mental issues, addictions, manipulation, lust, adultery, and stuff like that.

If you have cancer, you're demonized. It's a demon that causes cancer. The same is true if you have depression, PTSD, OCD, DID, schizophrenia, diabetes, bi-polar, unusual grief or loneliness, anger issues, violent tendencies, AIDS, or any other illness or mental health disease. These are all caused by demons. They often follow generational curse lines in the family. If you have a "hereditary" issue in your family, you can bet it's a generational curse line and demon.

Let's look at some common and uncommon signs of demonization. First we will address the most common ones. As I said above illness is a sign of demonization or oppression depending on the length and severity of the illness. These includes mental health as well. Several very frequent indications are inability to focus to read the Bible, worship, pray or sit through church, disliking people or associations that are very disciplined in their behavior and ways through Christ, uncontrollable anger(especially blacking out), frequent dreams that cause fear, sexual dreams, just can't stop sinning (addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.), have thoughts that do not fit your normal character (such as if you are a loving person but a preacher said something and you feel inclined to tell him off), frequent thoughts that provoke anger or violence, and fatigue for no reason. If you find yourself obsessing about something that is a common sign of demonization unless you are obsessing about God's Word and His love. You may be demonized if everything annoys or frustrates you (especially things of God).

Some of the not so common but very real signs that you may have a demon can get a little more creepy. Do you hear noises in your house at night with no explanation? Do you find things moved from where you know you left them or all together missing? Do you find cabinet doors open when you know you shut them? Are there things happening in your home that you fear people would think you are crazy if you told them? Have you walked through an area of your home and there are cold spots and there is no reason such as no open windows or air conditioning in that area? You may be experiencing sleep paralysis, recurring nightmares of the same dream, seeing shadows in your home when nothing is there, hearing voices in your head or even in the air, feeling as if you are pinned to your bed or couch, feeling something touch you but nothing is there, or have unexplainable pains in your body that are temporary and even possibly recurring. These are all sign of a demon's presence either in you or in your home. The question is will you hold to your belief that you can't have demons and keep them for pets to stalk and torture you, or will you let Jesus get rid of them? We are all born into sin and iniquity. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. Generational curses and sin allows demons an open door to get in. They do not simply go away when we get saved. The ones in our spirit do but the ones in our body and soul remain until they are cast out. Jesus died so that everyone on earth may be saved, but you still have to follow the instructions He gave us to accept that gift. The same is true of deliverance. Jesus came to set the captives free and whom the Son sets free is free indeed, but we need to accept the gift of freedom with the instructions given just as we need to accept the gift of salvation with the scripture that teaches us how to accept it. If this were not true Mark wouldn't have cast out demons as part of our great commission when Matthew says if a demon leaves and the house is empty he will come back and bring 7 friends (in other words the person must be filled with Jesus if you're going to do deliverance on them or you're hurting them not helping them). So keep an open mind, look at the scripture for yourself, and then look at these signs. Do you need deliverance? Don't keep demons as pets. No one wants Satan and his minions hanging around.

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