A Vision From the Lord

Released September 22, 2017 I am sharing a word I got a few months ago that I was told to hold on to till the right time. When I received a word last night and today,  I was told to release this one. This one was a vision I received. I saw a map and these things were on the map. I do not know when or what we are permitted to pray against. I do not know if it 100% literal, but I believe it is. There could be interpretations to it as well, but I have received none, other than additional sights of destruction and people screaming. "There is devastation coming" I heard as I entered a vision. A map stretched before me that was the United States and parts of Canada. Quickly, I saw mushroom clouds that I can only assume meant some kind of nuclear explosion, whether attack or accidents I do not know. The mushroom clouds simply began to pop up. First, one appeared in the Florida and Georgia area spreading through Northern Florida and southern Georgia. Next, I saw one over Washington DC and the third in the Midwest in the vicinity of Nebraska though the state lines were distorted and difficult to tell the difference between Nebraska, Iowa and surrounding states. After the clouds dissipated and vanished there was calm briefly and then volcanic activity erupted. I saw lava in parts of Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. The ashes from the eruption spread much further. It stretched as far north as British Columbia and south as Arizona, as far east as Kansas and Oklahoma. The ash was thick on the map. As the ash was falling I saw tsunami hitting New York and Massachusetts. It flooded far inward. The vision then ended.

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