Announcing “A Watchman’s Cry” Due Out Soon

Watchman's Cry Cover We are excited to announce the upcoming release of the book A Watchman's Cry: Exposing Deceptions And Surviving The Last Days. When we have a specific release date we will update the website. For now it is in print and will be available on the Ingram's list for all retailers. For everyone else we will definitely have it available through the ministry and will announce other locations as they order. We do know it will be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It should start appearing there in 4-6 weeks. Once th ebook is submitted to iBooks and GooglePlay and other such outlets we will have a full blown release. We hope you enjoy the book and get a lot of good information out of it. The Holy Spirit has definitely blessed us with many revelations about prophecy that are included. Start asking your bookstore if they will have it now. God bless you and may Jesus keep you. 

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