* Rise up *


Rise up soldier! Do not cower. You are Spirit filled. You are the holder Of His mighty power. You must do His will.

Don't back down From the constant battle. You're already victorious. Don't play around. Don't be herded like cattle. His power is glorious.

Rise up in this day, For these are the last. It's spiritual war. It's not time to play. The battlefield is vast. Warriors is what we are.

Jesus called you to fight, Not to stay out of it. Use the power of prayer; Use the Holy light, The Mighty Holy Spirit And be a key player.

Cast the enemy out In Jesus holy name. Command them to flee. Have not one doubt. They will leave wounded and lame. Stand in what you were called to be.

Rise up holy saints! Use the Word of God. Haste and do not tarry. The enemy steadily taints And attacks with a tiny nod Each minute we are weary.

Be strong and fear not. We are meant to be more, Children of the one true King Saved from evil like Lot. Use your faith I implore. Don't fear a single thing.

Your heart belongs to Jesus. Praise His holy name! Do not fail or falter, Or do what your heart pleases. You're changed, not the same. Victory comes at the altar.

Rise up and be the light In this dark and dreary world! Put your armor on and stand, Faith as your shield to fight. Your sword is His Word. Invoke His mighty hand.

You have power over evil. Your authority God given. It came with the Holy Spirit. Resist and defeat the devil Until the day that you see heaven. Rise up testify to all who'll hear it.

Give us this day our daily bread. Feed your spirit. Study your Bible. Without it your spirit will be dead. No time to sit... Your soul is liable.

Take your cross and follow The Lord who called you To serve Him. Don't lay around and wallow Or waste time like you do, Or the world, be different than them.

We are saved by grace, But have been given a job, A task, we must be fervent We still must work to keep our place, Or our salvation the enemy will rob. Be a good and faithful servant.

                                                                                 Amber Albrecht

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