What Does The Bible Say About The Situation With Iran?

What does the bible say about the situation with Iran? The Lord has been showing me lately to refer to Isaiah 21. Isaiah 21 is prophecy. Most prophecy repeats itself in cycles. according to many renowned scholars and theologians, as well as many Spirit filled preachers of the word today. To better understand cycles in prophecy, I recommend Deciphering End-Time Prophetic Codes by Perry Stone. Parts of Isaiah 19 seem to be coming to pass again with the riots in 2011 starting it. Shoebat.com reports both the Nile and Euphrates are trying to dry up. The Nile drying being seen in Isaiah 19 and the Euphrates in Revelation 16. The fisherman are definitely mourning with all the fish dying. Most recently the Cairo Post reports(Click here),fish loss in July. Then there is this article from January,(Click here) from Egypt Independent. This is just to show cycles in prophecy. We also see Isis in Syria and other terrorist groups attacking Israel, Egypt, Somalia (which was then considered part of Ethiopia). Isis recently led away 21 Coptic Christian prisoners to beheading as in Isaiah 20. So if we know that prophecy repeats itself,  and we see evidence of Isaiah 19 and 20 coming to pass. Then it stands to reason with Saudi Arabia and America gravely concerned with Iran (Persia) we could soon see Isaiah 21 in the form of, Gog and Magog included, World war 3. Gog and Magog requires Iran (Persia), Russia (Magog), possibly Turkey (could be Meshech and Tubal, but that could also just be part of Russia), Ethiopia (which at the time, included Somalia, parts of Sudan, Kenya, and Eritrea, so any part of these would constitute Ethiopia), Libya, and Gomer/ Togarmah of the north quarters (many specualtions but Turkey/Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan is the most common conception, though a few would claim France and European areas) to attack Israel. Is this not one of the main concerns today with the chance of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon? We have Russia selling missiles and meeting with Iran. Turkey and Iran are denouncing Israel, though Iran is screaming death while Turkey just wants Jerusalem back. Iran funds most of the terrorist organizations at the moment except Isis. So if world war 3 broke out over Iran, we would fulfill Psalm 83, and Isaiah 21 as well as Ezekiel 38 all in one swoop. The current terrorists organizations attacking Israel at once would constitute the Psalm 83 war. If they, most being backed by Iran, attacked when Iran attacked Israel, and Russia and Turkey sided with Iran that would fulfill those prophecies. Russia has already made clear if things go south in Yemen they will side with Iran against Saudi Arabia. This brings us right back to Isaiah 21, on the verge of fulfillment. Please watch the video for scripture.   I strongly suggest you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through a reading of Isaiah 21 and ask Him for guidance as we are all responsible for own understanding of the bible. The only safe place in the coming tribulations is saved by the blood of Jesus. Please give your heart to Jesus. Please help us to sound the trumpet in these last days by donating today. God bless you and may Jesus keep you. Donate Button with Credit Cards

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